Has Anyone Seen My UNCLE TOM?


Only a few years ago my UNCLE TOM was a supernova on the American political landscape. He was so hot that even some white folks considered inviting him over to their house for dinner. You know, to actually sit and eat, not to buss the table.

The next thing I knew, Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima weren’t getting along in the big house. It looked like my Uncle Tom would have to go back to doing field work. But something happened on the way out of the big house’s backdoor. I really hope that my Uncle Tom didn’t trip on one of massa’s shotguns or hang himself by accident with one of massa’s Jack Ketch collars.

One thing is for sure. I haven’t heard nor seen neither hide nor hair of my Uncle Tom.

One Response to “Has Anyone Seen My UNCLE TOM?”

  1. apple halsey says:

    It’s more likely that Uncle Tom took the severance pay that was left for him by the back door and went to his state-of-the art bunker in the back field to wait out the War On Terror. Uncle Tom is always taken care of…. he’s a good soldier through and through.

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