ESSENCE Magazine = media bullshit

We here at the weblog have decided to lead the charge for progressive reform and change. We are going to address and dismantle several of the supremacist tools that are used to keep the people misinformed, undercapitalized and just plain stupid. To that end we have set our sights upon ESSENCE magazine.

ESSENCE magazine is proudly celebrating it’s 35th year(as are we) and there is still no end to the recidivism promoted by this rag. Even Hip-Hop has had to reflect upon itself after turning 30 years old, albeit Hip-Hop is a pretty immature 30 year old that still prefers it’s bullets over voting ballots. ESSENCE has been a media leader in it’s mission to promote the erosion of the Black family. From it’s earliest advertisers that hawked skin-bleaching creams to ‘beautifying’ wigs, ESSENCE has always known how to make Black women
feel uncomfortable in their skin. Like that ugly aunt that was jealous of her niece’s beauty, SUSAN L. TAYLOR has smiled all the while she told you why your man was a cheat(and lately, why you should as well).

ESSENCE intends to enforce a readership perspective of the victimized consumer. The magazine constantly peddles sensationalist stories about who shot Johnetta and how she can hide by buying yet another brand-name and brand-budget disguise, instead of educating her about how to protect and empower herself. Toward this end we will run a monthly review of every issue until the demise of this worthless cultural hustler is confirmed. I have attached a picture of the cover of one of the many issues featuring the Hip-Hop Queen of Victimization, MARY J.BLIGE. Please review the picture and note that the smallest byline on the cover is the one feature story that actually has some worth to the readers. It is almost an afterthought. Coincidence?!? I think not…

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