There’s a serious jumpoff tonight for all you sneaker fiends in NYC, especially Brooklyn. GabeRockka stand the fuck up!

Friday 08.29.08
JUST FOR KICKS: A Sneaker Appreciation Event
Hosted by DJ Clark Kent

With Performances by Rahsaan, Fresh Daily, 6 Sense, James Watts, Rephstar & Patty Dukes and Special Guest

Live Art
125 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn (Park Slope)

Saturday 08.30.08
SFU-NYC: Sneaker Fiends Unite NYC Tour

Travel around NYC shopping for exclusive and affordable sneakers with iNternets Celebrity DALLAS PENN. Have fun while doing hoodrat shit in the Bronx, Harlem and midtown Manhattan.

For more info – 212.767.9174 (that’s my fucking cell phone so act like you know bitches)

In the meantime and in between time peep these custom Air Max 90’s in the ?uestLove AF-1 colorways. Shits is so fire, they are flameproof, nah’mean?!?




8 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. Marvelous Mo says:

    DP… you’re fucking insane posting your hip device like that. you know niggas be lurking on your site.

    although I already had your math, i should pass your # to a crazy girl who breathes heavy every 3rd syllable.

    fyi… i’m thinking about that massive bashment in the middle of the street niggas call the parkway. depends if i feel like getting threatened to get my chain snatched on some Ice Berg shit. [seriously, a nigga did reach for my chain. Only BK would do that to an Uptown chick] i gotta call my homie and see if she’s down to go.

  2. Meka Soul says:

    those kicks are actually better than the ?uestos in my opinion.

    *takes down dp’s number

  3. eskay says:

    them shits are waay better than the ?uesto 1’s

  4. DAMMIT.
    Timing is a bitch.

  5. the_dallas says:

    It ain’t nothing but a celly number. It’s not like I posted my home jones.

    Them custom joints is sick to death, but I seen your boy Clark Kent with the authentic ?uesto AF-1s on his feet tonite at this show. I don’t fucks with AF-1s like that but them shits is fireworks and they are made by Nike.

    Singapore dissident prisoner Nike laborer >>>> someone with a paintbrush

  6. Grand Master says:

    haha as soon as I saw that drop, my brain went

    “Who? DALLAS PENN”

    i literally just hit the states, fresh out the plane, but I’ll see you @ the next SFU, word to Tinker Hatfield

  7. lola gets says:

    I am soooo blowing up your phone! Bwahahahahaha!


  8. tip says:

    I have admire your unselfishness in taking the time to make this web site.

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