360 Degrees In 3 Dimensions…


I went looking for some pieces from the old CraftWerk Kings. These two graff artists called Gnome and Gemini were huge influences on my graff style. Not just my lettering and my characters which these dudes were absolutely top shelf, but my color blending too.

I couldn’t connect to Gnome or Gem yet but I did come up on a cat named Sphere from B.K. that rolled with them dudes.


Me and one of my bombing partners Arch II were drinking the other night and we talked about doing a wall burner with some racked cans. I doubt I will steal cans though since I’m closer to 40y.o. than 14. I would be down to put up one last burner.

And videotape the experience, of course.


Sphere isn’t bombing the subways any longer. He is on the west coast working on his music element right now. You can still call him SFear.

Here’s a look at a Preemo laced track for his group Verbal Threat.

9 Responses to “360 Degrees In 3 Dimensions…”

  1. Gee says:

    I’m a late bloomer and always wanted to learn to tag, if that is what it is still called…being sheltered as a kid leaves me open to big trouble as an adult 🙂

  2. MHB says:

    can you throw up a post w/ pics of your piece book/burners etc…? I grew up in DC and then picked up my handwriting from NYC cats when meeting them as a teen at a hippie summer camp in rural MD and then college in ME. Got my tag on as JAE, never pushed into can control territory. that said, my handwriting reigns supreme in our pixelated era…

  3. fran to the 718 says:

    Sphere is from Queens.

  4. krash1 says:

    yo d i got u on the fiil in’s…and i wont go to hight on them phase2!!(ramo from beatstreet) hail meg!!!

  5. krash1 says:

    lol.”high on them phase2″

  6. the_dallas says:

    You should be getting your own piece up.

  7. 40 says:

    Those Mantronix/Just Ice CWK covers were the shit. Great drop D. Seems like dude still got his style well in tact…

    Sign me up for DP dot Com Mural Day. I still got a few tricks up the sleeve and I uses my height to my piecing advantage…

  8. krash1 says:

    the_dallas Says:

    December 1st, 2008 at 12:17 am
    You should be getting your own piece up.

    word up i hear you my con!! lately thats ben heavy on my mind since i just turnd 36.hail meg.

  9. F.M. says:

    Man,it was good to read the name gnome,if you have any news or pics,that would be great!

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