Crimson Tide Blood Feud…

bryant stadium

I just got off the G-chat with the homey UnderWriter. He and his lady went out to the flicks so he could take his mind away from the blood fued going down tonight in Alabama. The Crimson Tide just played against their intra-state rivals, the Tigers from Auburn. The Tide rolled over the Tigers so thankfully the 92,000 people dressed in red didn’t set the city on fire. Or maybe they did anyway.

To understand the culture around college football in Alabama one needs to look out west to the acrimonious relationship that the Bloods and Crips have with each other. There is at least one person in Tuscaloosa who wore his Auburn jersey and is now twisted into a bloody pulp on the shoulder of I-359. Sadly, in this mountain county Auburn sounds too much like Obama.

Here in Atlanta the natives are wrapped up in their own Hatfield-McCoy tilt called the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game. Atlanta is a little more gentil though. I chilled in the old Fat Tuesdays in the Underground with my homies Fats and Brooklyn Mike while we threw down a couple of rounds of Rocket Fuel 180. I chatted up the foxy barkeep who was surprisingly a Bennett grad and not Spelman as I assumed.

Georgia Tech pulled out the upset win on a last minute field goal. No one got too much excited or depressed. Atlantans are a little too cool for this college football shit since Atlanta does have its own professional NFL team. I appreciate those ‘Bama bamas who put on their dark red sweatshirts and swallow a fifth of J.D. before they hit the streets. For those folks GLEN COFFEE will be hoisting that Heisman trophy on Paul Bryant Drive.


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  1. Devin T says:

    Lol at this post!

    I’m from Alabama and was at the game (Section C, Row 1, Seat 13) It was nuts

    Anyway, nice blog and ROLLLL TIDE

  2. fats says:

    my MANS! good lookin out dallas…………..

    fats and bk mike “budda”

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