The Metaphor In Real LIfe…


Of shooting oneself in the foot, except this meatball couldn’t even get that part correct. PLAXICO BURRESS went from having a screw loose to becoming a loose cannon, literally. The metaphor in real life.

BURRESS hasn’t really been a part of the team this season as the Giants defend their ‘Any Given Sunday’ Super Bowl victory. Dude was hanging out at a nightclub while on the injured list. I think we can all see where his head is at right now. This dude might be fucking around with DWIGHT GOODEN’s white pudding if you know what I mean? ANTONIO PIERCE also. PIERCE tried to hide PLAXICO’s gun after the incident. WTF is wrong with these foolios?

The NFL should suspend both of these meatwads. PLAXICO for carrying an unlicensed biscuit and PIERCE for absconding with said biscuit. When did the NFL become the Association? Sure RAY LEWIS merc’ked some fools a few years back, then there was that dude from the Broncos who got popped in a Denver ‘hood, and yes SEAN TAYLOR was killed by a gunshot to the leg, but when did the NFL become so enveloped with gunplay?

Notice I conveniently left out Pac Man Jones who shot up a club in Vegas after making it rain and watching people pick up the raindrops. Now that Pac Man is playing for the Cowboys I need his ass to stay on the field and out of the clink. But the Giants, they can burn in hell. Except for crazy ass LAWRENCE TAYLOR. That’s my nigga right there.

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  1. Candice says:

    Plaxico=GIANT IDIOT.

    For real, if your azz is injured….why are you out at the damn club? And how stupid do you have to be to shoot yourself in the leg?

    I am a Giants fan for life and you know what? They’ll continue to find a way to win without his dumb azz. We lost Barber, Shockey, Strahan and Osi and we are still 11-1. Somebody needs to let Plaxico know that lots of folks can catch a ball without needing counseling, jail time and a baby sitter. Eff him.

    Besides, the Cowboys will scoop him up in the off season. LOL

  2. I take issue with the assertion that the NBA is somehow just as littered with criminals and lowlifes as the NFL. Nothing could be further from the truth. Show me an NBA player with a Pacman Jones rap sheet? There ain’t one.

    I’m not saying the NBA players are altar boys [||], but the Association gets a bad rap.

  3. 40 says:

    The last faux thug who shot himself in NYC that got this much press was Two-Pack Shaker… Hey at least his excuse was he was getting robbed while reaching…

  4. Chris says:

    Plax is a fool.

    The Giants are very good, but I like the Cowboys to get the 6th seed and win the NFC. There is still no replacing a go-to guy like Plax despite the flashes shown by the rest of WR’s yesterday.

    NBA players benefit from having a very strong players union, unlike the NFL. Also, Jayson Williams’ wrongful death/ mercking his chauffeur is pretty wild.

  5. Combat Jack says:

    whut an idjit.

  6. a-one says:

    Cheddar Bob is foolin with my fantasy football championship

  7. Boing_Dynasty says:

    The closest thing the NBA has to Plax is Stephen Jackson, but even he remember to let his shit off in the air, not into his own body. Didnt Sebastian Telfair bust off shot in Fabolous’ leg for swacking his chair a year or so ago?

  8. Boing_Dynasty says:

    chain* – although chair would be way more hood.

  9. I guess I got My Swagger Back Mama they said I killed a man I guess I got the dagger back(c) Ray Lewis spitting Jay’s lyric opening day 2001.

    I was watching the pre-game and he was rapping those lyrics pause on the Killed and Dagger, damn I couldnt believe it when I heard it. Wish I would have taped that moment.

    Plaxico is greezy.

    I was at the Charger game yesterday and I ran into Sen Dog from Cypress Hill gave the dude a pound and his homie asked for some Weed. Actually Sen looked pretty impressed that I recoginized him and also that I said I downloaded an Eric Bobo track from I asked if he knew about Nah, but he said not really. I told him they post the BReal how to roll a blunt series clips on there and all shit hip hop. Sen Was Like “I will check it out” and then I diddybopped out.

  10. jaislayer says:

    DP, You know the Giants are the best team in Fuseball right now, get on the bandwagon. Don’t forget the fool who played for the Carolina Panthers who killed his pregnant girlfriend and the unborn child. Plax is a big ass corny clown, I can’t wait to see how he gets out of this foolishness. Peace.

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