crack kills

Blame H8torade for this goodness. I can almost smell the assosity this image contains.

Good morning party people. It’s another Monday and you were blessed to make it to see the light of the day. Keep a smile on your grill fam.

Monday is the bitch of the bunch, but after you have defeated this dragon they can’t give you another Monday for at least one week. So kick Monday’s ass and keep stepping.

I’m still hanging out with Mom Dukes in the ‘A’. Shout to all my folks in the ‘A’ that held me d-d-d-d-down this trip. The reason I never considered relocating to Atlanta is because I didn’t think it got cold enough for me to floss my furs.


Shit been colder than a witches tit here in Atlanta this week. I might come down here after all. Sheeeeeeit, all my NY nigs is down here anyhoo.

5 Responses to “CRACK IZ WACK!”

  1. Eloheem Star says:

    spring, summer early fall in NY is expotentionally better than anywhere in the south. Unfortunatley for me the economy will most likely force me to relocate southward bound. No disrespect to my fam in the A but I’m a NYC type of guy.

  2. m block says:

    Agreed. There is nuttin like Summer in NY……I’ve been in Atlanta back and forth like 10 yrs…..Was able to purchase a home and the mortgage is a fraction of what some of my peeps up top pay for rent in Brooklyn.Lotta events and beautiful upwardly mobile women keep me here. Do I miss all the food choices and gear splashes? yes of course, but that’s why I’m always visiting back home.

  3. Candice says:

    I’ll take the Northeast cities anytime. I can’t take driving 30 minute minimums to go everywhere in the A. Brooklyn, Philly and DC? Yup, I’m staying.

  4. Combat Jack says:

    travel safely. stay away from the pa$tor ma$e though.

  5. S dubbs says:

    Yo u killed me with those lil critters on your shoulders. My nana had a shawl just like that used to freak me out! but yeah aint no place like home in my case BK. Its gets no better

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