black pete

Shouts go out today to Zwarte Piet as the Dutch would call him. Zwarte Piet a/k/a Black Pete is the Black dude that used to roll thick with this old cat named Sinter Klaas and during Festivus would be kidnapping all the bad boys and bad girls(no Diddy and Cassie) and selling them off as chattel.

For Christmas Zwarte Piet would give presents to the good kids, but the naughty ones would get spirited away and presumably raped by Sinter Klaas, who we all know was a pedophile, and a peep freak for watching little girls when they went potty.

This fairytale is partly how the Dutch maintained their hegemony on supremacy by packaging racism and terrorism to little children. Imagine how some of these same Dutch kids feel the first time they see a real live Black person?

Can you blame these Dutch niggas for trying to kill Blacks when they get older? Who the hell wants to be stuffed in a duffle bag on some Brothers Grimm shit and cooked and eaten?

The Black boogeyman is supremacy’s perpetual form of terrorism and when you burn this image into a child’s brain it will remain with them forever.

black pete

black pete

zwarte piet Zwarte Piet says…

Merry Christmas bitches!?!

19 Responses to “BLACK PETE IS THE O.G. CHRISTMAS NIGGA (Zwarte Piet ReMix)”

  1. Gee says:

    God Jul, bitches! The holiday begins on the 24th here, but since the liquor store is closed, I refuse to participate and put on my Zwarte Pieta costume this year…let them eat cake.

  2. Jdotnicholas says:

    Black Pete is the illest! He’s shining on them bad-ass kids. Bring Black Pete to Illadel.

  3. Royal says:

    “kidnapping all the bad boys and bad girls(no Diddy and Cassie).”

  4. 1969 says:

    Black Pete is scary as hell. LMAO!

    Happy Festivus to all. Hope Black Pete doesn’t break in your crib and grinch all your stuff.

  5. 40 says:

    “After that, I don’t want to deal with anything black for at least a week” – Damon Wayans in “Bamboozled”

  6. Dart_Adams says:

    As far as GOAT Dutch niggas go in my opinion it’s Christian Hansen Ernst>Zwarte Piet

    Google him, there was a graphic novel written about him called “Kongens mann” (The King’s Man). He was supposedly merked by people jealous of him being in charge of them and having the local postmaster making “deliveries” to the local women in the late 17th Century.

    Zwarte Piet is freaky lookin’.


  7. Combat Jack says:

    Good ish D. Black Pete stays in my top 10.

  8. Che Guerrilla says:

    Instead of my children believing in Santa, I will dress up as Frank Costanza and tell them how much they’ve dissapointed me. Hmmm wait looks like Pete was screaming at that lil baby. Wait, does Pete=KKKramer? Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

  9. jaislayer says:

    Wow!! Everytime I see this I gotta laugh so I don’t cry. Shit is crazy!! Everyone stay safe and have a happy holiday. Peace.

  10. realness says:

    could you please stop doing this bullshit. for real stop this nonsense b for real

  11. mercilesz says:

    Pete was black because in the european legend the boy bishop aka santa aka neka las lived in turkey….the original home of the roman church or constantinople or istanbul…Pete’s black ass blended in with the original inhabitants of that land and the middle east and had to smuggle Santa to europe to give the tiny caucasoids presents…kinda funny when u think about it because the legend that santa lived in turkey was written before turkey was taken over by the ottoman empire and it became a muslim state just like the middle east and was off limits to euros. Thats why their version of the legend doesn’t make sense. It accounts for something that happened after it was written…i guess people can see the future. In fact it is the story of John and Jesus or TuT and Horus or Set and Osiris or Satan and God. Before there is something there must be nothing and the black color of Pete symbolizes the void of nothingness. The creation that follows the void is the messiah and is always symbolized by light. St Nicholas in Egyptian/Nubian is “Neka Las” which means literally “Suspended Youth” hence the Boy Bishop. Jesus/Horus/Herut/Buddah/Krishna/Mythra are always portrayed as BABIES at this time of year because they represent the winter solstice and the coming of the NEW SUN/SON. They are the re-creation of last years SUN starting off very small (just as babies) and eventually appear to get larger and Hotter(spring,summer) and eventually dying off to be reborn again. This is the metaphysical story of all living matter on earth and in turn the human experience being compared to this solar/cellestial phenomena that we celebrate every year at this time. The story of Jesus/Santa/Pete/John or Jack in the Box is an allegory for a natural occurence that every one on earth experiences since we all live under 1 Star. The SUN or SON of God(the universe).

  12. Nevets says:

    Yeah dp i live in berlin and i saw this shit hanging up at a train stop. i took it down of course and kept it.. That shits fucked up.. I don’t know how else to put it.

  13. jdotnicholas says:

    Ya’ll just mad because Black Pete is styling on you.

  14. someone needs to bring krampus, beelzebub, and black pete to american christmas! we might as well go full pagan since most people neglect the real meaning of xmas anyway!

  15. The Mau-Maus definitely need to come back from the dead for shit like this.

    The name of this song is “Black is Black!” The name of the album, is The Black Album!! “Black is Black”, on the fuckin’ Black Album!!?

  16. JNS says:

    And still my white friends think that niggas are exagerating when we say that black people are the most hated and ridiculed race in the mother fuckin world son. With that said I’d like to give a “FUCK YOU” to the Dutch followed by a “Eat a dick”

  17. F.D. says:

    I live in the Netherlands and the Dutch will defend this disgrace with all they have! They don’t see the wrong in it, they don’t see the brainwashing and predisposing their children to fear, terror and racism this causes

    They don’t even recognize it as offensive to Black people. Some of them are in extremely dark brown face and some of them are actually in black face and I mean black with red lips, giant golden earrings and nappy hair wigs.

    Every year this time I have little kids running up to me thinking I am Zwarte Piet even though I am a woman. They don’t even bother to teach their children that not every black person they see is Zwarte Piet.

    I actually had a friend who’s grand daughter was afraid of me. They used to try to force her to kiss me (the Dutch greeting) and I asked them not to do it. When the 5 year old worked up the nerve to kiss me after a few visits. She secretly asked her Grandmother if she needed to wash her face thinking I had rubbed off on her!
    Now I don’t blame the child. I blame the idiots and racist that keep this demoralizing legend going. And the Dutch for their arrogance, insensitivity, stupidity and ignorance!

    P.S. Believe me, they know it’s offensive, they don’t care who they hurt at their pleasure…..

  18. B. D. says:

    I saw discrimination as well, when I was in Germany…Caucasians were teaching their children that Africans were Baboons or Monkeys with long tails.
    The people (and I use the term loosely) would cross the street and walk slowly behind me, just to see if I had a tail: even if I was wearing pants.

    They encouraged their children to pull on my pants or on the back of my dress to see what they could feel.
    The children asked to hold my hand. To see of it felt like theirs (mine were softer and their children told them so).
    The children touched my hair, because it’s long and soft…they were surprised
    When the parents were more comfortable around me, they asked a lot of questions. I thought it was because we became friends and they saw we were alike and normal and that we had a lot of the same thoughts about things….
    The more I learned their language I found they were NOT FRIENDS they were using me for the English language, American foods and to SHOW ME OFF to their friends (like a MONKEY WALKING FREE)!! Their words.
    They Never Changed their Opinion of Black People or the African Race. Some People don’t want to change or change their ways or views.
    No Matter that they are around me for 3 years or more and going in and out of each other’s homes and exchanging gifts and possessions.
    If these people had to take what they were dishing out, I know they couldn’t take it!

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