I don’t hardly ever feature Air Jordan products on my page since I don’t buy them any longer. One of the reasons I stopped copping Air Jordans was because of the pricing shenanigans that developed due to the scarcity of the shoe. I shouldn’t be such a hater though since Nike knew they were dealing with instant classics on the day these shoes were released. Good capitalism says that you can fux with the demand when you fux with the supply.

Anyhoo, I thought to myself that Nike would have to be really progressive to bring me back to copping Air Jordans (not that they even need my scrilla). I thought to myself about what it would take for me to become excited about a pair of Air Jordans and then it hit me right in the eyesocket.


I reached out to the Twitternation for anyone who could bang out some photoshop .jpgs and I got a bunch of folks that stepped up to shoot their shot. In the end it was our techmeister and videostreaming homey DJ RAYZ that came through with a sick pair of Air Jordan X(10) x Air Max 360 hybrids. How fireworks are these?!? Str8 fire flames for your foot game.

I am calling these joints the AJaX360


Sneaker Fiends Unite! NYC tour pops off again this weekend on a brand new year trip. Affordable kicks, exclusive fitted caps, and classic NYC locations are all going down this Saturday 01.03.09. I expect a special guest or two to join us for this tour so don’t miss out on the movement of futuristic sneaker fiends.

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8 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. Boing_Dynasty says:

    those just look like air maxs

  2. DirtyJerz says:

    Them joints is Firestartas Fa’sho!…similar to Cole Haan(which is owned by Nike btw)joints my girl got me for the holidays.

  3. Dart_Adams says:

    Happy New Year, Dallas!


  4. 911 says:

    love at first sight! those joints are sick! I’d def’ buy if they were to really make them.

    Happy new year big bro.

  5. Happy New Year.

    I will now try to cure my hangover by mainlining advil.

    See you Saturday.

  6. HowfreshEats says:

    Happy New Year DP. Those shits do look comfortable- but almost like you’d jump too high- smacking your head off the backboard.

    Where do the festivities begin on Sat? I just copped my first pair of Nike Boots and I’m ready to roam.

  7. solefix says:

    Happy new year DP HAHA firestarters!! Yo DP where to meet up at on saturday?? hit me up with the Loca’

  8. France says:

    Thank you.

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