Welcome Home, My Dude…


Think about everything that you have accomplished over the last ten years. Think about all the times that you laughed when you watched something funny on television. You can hear the word NIGGER on the T.V. almost every night. Think about all the moments that you decided when you wanted to go out for dinner or drinks. The club scene is still filled with young girls and they are as dumb as ever. Reflect on all the beautifull strange pieces of sweet poonahnee that have visited your apartment, or your motel room, or when you were on the beach in Puerto Rico, or in that radio station promo van during the EMINEM concert at Ford Field. Yup.

Part of me feels guilty because of all the things that I have experienced during SOUNDWAVE’s Federal incarceration. The latter part I just mentioned was never part of the equation. Yeah, it was a real consequence, but just not for any of us. We thought that we were the Black Untouchables. And yes, we had been caught before, but that was because we had failed to plan. If you had a plan then you had done enough preparation to avoid any mishaps. Particularly the kind that would result in an indictment and conviction.

That was immature and asinine thinking. We had no business in that business. Everyone was expendable. It didn’t matter how hard you grinded or how low-key you maintained your persona. People are out here dying for real and if you think that just because you come from a home where your mom and dad work their azz off that is somehow going save you…

The truth is, we really didn’t have a plan, so that is why I am thankful that my brother is still around for me to embrace again. Welcome home my dude. We have a lot of work to do to catch up.

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