Jamaicans ARE NOT the Gulliest Immigrants!

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As I was reading the free newspaper that they hand out before you get on the subway, I caught an interesting editorial trick. In an article about the NYC policeman who was recently murdered, they made sure to note that the alleged assailant is Jamaican. This fact will presumably have no bearing in court. However, it appears that in the jury of public consensus this man is already guilty. This started me to thinking about what Caribbean island fields the gulliest, most gator batch of immigrants. You might be surprised, but Jamaica isn’t even in the top three, despite the fact that they can run a 200m sprint barefoot.

haiti boy

haiti boy still dead

The Caribbean island with the gulliest would-be immigrants has to be Haiti. These fools have been known to sit on a single car tire and try to float to Florida. They have also been known to take that same tire, fill it up with gasoline, set it on fire and then place it on top of people during a political disagreement. Of all the knuckleheads that I know personally, dudes like HAITIAN MIGUEL and HAITIAN GREGGS are problem children.

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The second gulliest Caribbean island is definetly Cuba for the simple fact that CASTRO has refused to join this American gravy train. Plus the Cubans do reederkulezz shiite to get on American soil. My buddy CUBAN MARK told me the story of his crazy father coming to the U.S. on a raft during the height of the missile crisis. CUBAN is one of the dudes most likely to hit you over the head with a raft when he and BILLY SUNDAY have been on a drinking binge.

Pushing the Jamaicans out of the top three is the upstart upscale resort island of Aruba. I mean, the island is only 70 square miles and they still haven’t found this broad?


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  1. kerry says:

    nice to know sombody is taking up for our jamaicans.im not jamaican but i love them.they are creative their food,dance,and music are great.

  2. brina says:

    cho! mi ah tell unnu. nuff people ah chat bout us jamaican an how wi ah shoot an kill an tump dung pon somebody. gwaaay wit de foolishness an fuckery.

    but that is true. it’s about time somebody started to really tell our side of the story on all of the caribbean uproar, and how we’re the one’s to blame, which is ludicrous. bless

  3. symone says:

    Mi a jamaican tank god say somebody a talk up . Nuff people a chat shit bout wi but it alright. Not all jam dung people kill other people. Mi just want fi say tanks fi talk up fi jamaicans. Jam- dung 4 life

  4. 4EverHaitian says:

    It is crazy to hear how Jamaicans out of all people talking shit about other

    Islands. We Haitians, set a HIGH STANDARD for ourselves; but, idiots like

    yourself or anyone else who think the way you do, who are jealous of our

    accomplishment and go ahead make us (specially Haitians ) look bad. Oh

    yes!! let me see… there are some Haitians who don’t know probably forget

    their history or where they came from, that allows a “NOBODY” LIKE

    YOURSELF talk the way you do.


    Sou moun

  5. brina says:

    now how do you know that this person that wrote this topic is jamaican, just because he’s saying that we’re not the “gulliest” immigrants? hell you don’t know. this person could be haitian for all we know. you’re really contradicting youself by saying that jamaicans are talking about other islands, when you’re talking shit about ours. please grow up. and if jamaicans WERE jealous, do you really think we’d be jealous of haitians? afraid not. i’m not starting no ethnic battle or whatever, i’m just stating my opinion. i’m gone.

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