BILLY SUNDAY’s Holiday Gift Guidebook

c'est pa sales?!?

The Haitian iPOD.

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  1. zeeeeeeeee says:

    Oh noooooooooooo. That’s just not right. Being a native Miamian, Iz sensativ’ about rippin’ on Haitians – they are the poorest of the community in Miami – where the sons and daughters of exiled Cubans from the 70s and 80s reign. Yeah – some of this may be considered a generalization – there are exceptions, of course – but poverty is no freakin’ joke.

  2. RAHQSTAR says:

    all nationalities have their problems, lighten up its funny.

  3. eskay says:

    oh damn, that is fun-knee…

  4. Will says:

    Lol. He’s looking at u like, you better NOT say shit

  5. zeeeeeeeee says:

    Yeah?!?! Maybe I’m not the most effective writer. My tone wasn’t supposed to be that serious. Hence the use of contractions/abbreviations. Sometimes things just strike a chord a certain way.

  6. T-Money Bags says:

    Hahaha…Shit, I already asked Santa for one of these:

    iNIGS – The latest and greatest in portable music. Not everyone can be a techno-geek, downloading (illegally mind you) and playing mp3’s and wav files and whatnot. For those who want a more classic player and sound we present iNIGS. With your purchase you will be given your very own portable negro who will actually sing the songs you want to hear for you. Attach this negro to your beltclip, or stow him in your very own iNIGS stow-away bag. Manage your playlist on the fly. The high-end models allow your I-nig to sing for you or your friends. DJ your very own party with iNIGS!! If you don’t need a lot of memory, iNIG minis may be the selection for you. iNIG minis are children of the iNIGs. They have fewer songs in their head, but are more likely to fit in your pocket. Get one for you, and your special someone as a Kwanzaa gift.

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