I found this old CD single in my crib when I was doing some reorganization. This was recorded by my dude Buddah Tye along with Slade Savage. They were part of the early Hydra Entertainment movement. I was gonna be a rap music record producer way back in the day, but I derailed those dreams with my greed and my foolishness. We will get into the particulars of that soon.

Buddah Tye and Slade Savage were dudes that I grew up with from the beginning. Slade Savage’s mom was my first babysitter. Buddah Tye is the dude that was my OG weedcarrier, literally. Buddah Tye, along with SoundWave were the first cats from my neighborhood to fuck with me and my Decept brothers at the March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon. We go back like lawnchairs my niggas.

Speaking of SW… This week was sonn’s new year. I wished him a happy 39th and you know what this fool had the nerve to say? He wasn’t born in 1970, but in 1971. WTF?!? That is just the type shit this foolio nigga would try. He is trying to push his age back by ONE year with the thinking that “Why would I only push my age back one year instead of two or three?” Listen SW, because I know you are reading this. Your old ass is 39. Quit yer’ bitching and be happy. You look great for an old ass nigga. Look at me. I look like I got one Air Max already in the grave.


Slade Savage was about two years younger than us. He and ThunderCracker were in the same grade. Along with the homey June these dudes were the youngest cats getting blunted and stunted. If you took a day off from school with these fools you were gonna get high and you were gonna have sex with something young and lovely. This was their everyday mission. Slade and June used call TC a fool for running around the city with me since the shit I wqas doing was surely going to lead to being arrested but all these dudes did was stay high. Well yeah, they also fucked a lot of girls too.

TC’s death was a big turning point for all of us. TC was the bond that held us all together. June left NYC and went to Baltimore to grind. Slade Savage focused on rapping and I went my own way. It wasn’t until a few years ago that we all found ourself in communication again. June had survived Baltimore in the early 90’s when a lot of dudes had not. Savage has moved on from emceeing to raising his kids. I feel like he has about five or six on some SHAWN KEMP shit. I thought about these dudes as I straightened up my apartment and uncovered some memorabilia.

I miss this dude so much sometimes.


13 Responses to “STR8 SAVAGES…”

  1. mercilesz says:

    i like that track…reminds me of high school…very 89.9 martin moore undergroundrailroadish

  2. mercilesz says:

    damn d if dats u…u killin em wit the x brands and the leather

  3. LM says:

    Great post and track… March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon? Ha! I did one of those and had to fork over some cash to a young man that morning on the train… perhaps a Decept? Life is funny. I think it was $1.65. He let me keep enough so I could buy a token for the ride home.

  4. the_dallas says:

    ^ You are gonna get your money back with interest in football pool winnings

  5. Robbie says:

    I’m breakin’ out the Hydra vinyls after reading this drop.

  6. ADB says:

    Nice track! DP – got your package (II). Thanks – the scarf matches my orange & grey 95’s perfectly.

  7. sangano says:

    good poast

  8. Angela says:

    Excellent post and track, DP. Happy Sunday.

  9. Soundwave says:

    1971 Dallas.
    Where are you finding these flicks? Those pictures and talk of the Walk-a-Thon… You’re heavy in the archives now. For those that don’t know the Walk-a-Thon was like the decathalon for “wylin out”. Vegas in march???

  10. the_dallas says:

    ^ I bet you were born in 1969.

    The Walk-A-Thon was the decathalon for sure and the winners kept the gold (necklaces).

    Vegas in March sounds dope but I need to get my shit together after I come back from Atlanta.

    I was actually thinking about Mexico in May. You know I got this timeshare in St.Maarten too?

    We’ll talk.

  11. 1969 says:

    What’s wrong with being born in 1969…AHEM. *repping for the about to turn 40 squad*

  12. Polotron says:

    Who the hell is this Soundwave dude? I joke I joke, I kid I kid….

    I can’t believe you still have these pics. All I have is a couple from Queens Day w/ big globe in the background. Recall the theory of Hawaiian camo in a napsack/Road Walker (? Oh yeah, a few down by the S. St. Seaport….I know Swotch has some gems. I’d pay good $ for “TC” w/ rainbow suspenders looking like a smokeshoe dancer….Buddah Tye as the Hulk? On second thought, you got those, burn ’em…

    If you ever get too OOC, I’m posting what appears to be creative arts in a mis-matched Converse All-Star self expression.

    Crazy kids…

  13. F.A.Y.B.A.N. says:

    “Freak them ho’s in my Girbauds.”

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