The Roots Jam Session: April Fools…

dp x dice raw

Last night’s Jam Session with the Roots at the Highline Ballroom was a damp affair.

Imagine the smell of soaking wet frat boy, Pabst Blue Ribbon beerfarts, the stinkiest, most delicious white boy weed and ether dripping from the microphones.

I have a few clips from the show but the very best part I couldn’t film because 1) some frat boys got me lifted, 2) I was getting my DP 2-step Harlem shake right.

I climaxed [ll] after ?uestlove began a drum solo which morphed into a Fela Kuti cover which then transformed into a high-speed, funky drummer rendition of Kool G Rap’s ‘Men At Work’. It was so brilliant and dazzling that I don’t think a video camera could convey the energy and vibrations of the moment.

I may have seen the Roots perform ten thousand times at this point, but I am always transfixed by their improvisation and their willingness to humble themselves for their craft. Tickets are available to the upcoming shows at the Highline Ballroom. I’ll be there. So should you…

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6 Responses to “The Roots Jam Session: April Fools…”

  1. JayTee says:

    Amazing show to say the least…and I think some of that delicious whiteboy weed you smelled was mines.

    Please jesus tell you me you have a clip of the dudes in the brass band at the end of the show

  2. is that Dice Raw? I see he’s been eatin’ good

    when does their residency at Highline end? If I don’t catch at least one show soon = FAIL

  3. the_dallas says:

    Fuck that subway band ass nigger. You can’t put everybody on especially gimmicky no talent dudes.

  4. truck north says:


    didnt think i rapped that long…….crazy footage black…..but yo…..

    any shit from the Reverend that night singn “amazing grace”..?….that shit was fuckn nute


  5. bklynb says:

    does anyone know who the reverend guy was that played with the roots crew? … he did two songs with them.

  6. Cheree Tromp says:

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