Asher Roth Loves Job Corps…

job corps

On 4.20.09. Dallas Penn got high and met pop rap sensation Asher Roth.

Dallas Penn loves college.

Asher Roth loves job corps, Air Force 1’s and fishsticks.

Asleep in the Bread Aisle in stores now.

Terrence Elenteny on the lens, editing and special effects.

Asher Roth Loves Job Corps from Terrence on Vimeo.

13 Responses to “Asher Roth Loves Job Corps…”

  1. Mr.Londoner says:

    dope editing..

    Now Dallas you needs to interview Drake & B.O.B

  2. krash1 says:

    i guess that monkey didint have a chance hun?lmao.poor monkey .hail meg!!!!!!

  3. thekid10705 says:

    “He’s got the skills to pay the bills” is priceless.

    John Brown sighting even better.. Well done Dallas!

  4. That was great. I felt like i was watching an episode of “In Search Of…” great editing too.

  5. P-Matik says:


  6. DirtyJerz says:

    Word is Bawn….did you just donkey-punch the blow up monkey? Bwahaha!

  7. JayPlus says:

    Holy shit Dallas, that was fuckin hilarious!! Terrence put that exkra seasoning on it to put it over the top. I raise my Summer Ale and Orange Kush to ya.

  8. Angela says:

    that poor, poor monkey.

  9. Russ the Bus says:

    “Internets, is there not chinese rappers?”


  10. joey says:

    ive been reading your shit on the regular for a while (here and at xxl) without commenting, but i this too incredible to further neglect giving you props. shit was even better than the fucking futuristic brunch and bodega. keep up with the good work.

  11. joey says:

    typos are fun for the whole family.

  12. the_dallas says:

    Thx Joey, and don’t sweat it. is where typos live in blog form.

  13. Combat Jack says:

    Nice piece. U and Terrence went in. props.

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