Big Girls Don’t Cry…

le cry

If you are a Cleveland fan you can cry.

I’m predicting right now that LeBRON and the Cavaliers will be on vacay by tomorrow.

The dream matchup between KOBE and LeBRON will have to wait another season.

Nike senses the forecast too so they are rolling out all their Most Valuable Puppet videos while they can still be relevant.

6 Responses to “Big Girls Don’t Cry…”

  1. Misha says:

    I’m crying chocolate rain on the inside 4 Melo

  2. Big Homie says:

    True, but still FUCK the Lakers bwahahahahaha

    And your Cowboys lol

  3. Cynthia says:

    always next year! Guess Kobe is about to have 4 rings

  4. mercilesz says:

    great ad campaign…where was lil penny though?

  5. fredMS says:

    such a good song

  6. dubble13 says:

    best commercial was the last 5 seconds of the “lil dez”

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