dos equis

This saga started with some of the Go In Brothers. Ruffian, Sandman and the kid Jackpot. We linked at a non-descrip bar on Grand Street in SoHo for the pre-game.

I started off with Belvedere and tonic because I don’t play that shit.

go in brothers
go in brothers
go in brothers

The event later this night was some shit put on by Dos Equis which has the illest commercials in the game right now.

At the spot the Go In Brothers were caught up in the flashing lights of the whole scene. I lost contact with them early as I finessed my way up to the roof deck level of the party. They had a swimming pool in the lower level of the building and I even considered going swimming, but then I realized that if a Puerto Rican and a Chinaman were both in the pool along with me I would end up with an ear infection [ll].

So I passed on swimming with the Dos Equis girls for hanging out with my two fists of Stoli and grenadine on ice (compliments of Dos Equis, but of course). Fools were getting tipped over at this party. There were easily several thousand people in the entire building. Many were there for the DJ sets of Bobbito and ?uestlove but most looked to be ad agency runoff cornballs. There were some dames though. Just hard to quantify with all the lames (myself included).

^ Yes, I have not removed my ‘Media’ pass since Roots picnic FTMFW!

^ Franz from the Ruck Down Records mailroom.

^ I have no idea what performance art these chicks were up to, but whatever it was shouts to Dos Equis for the almost nip slip (yes Janet Jackson).

^ LeBron might could need to start drinking Dos Equis like this dude.

^ Dame.

^ Lame. Major PU~ when your night ends in handcuffs, police handcuffs.

On to the next spot which would be club Sutra on 1st and 1st. My homie from forever GudTyme was hosting along with DJ Rob Swift. GudTyme is the dude who gave me my early taste of showbiz back when he used to tour with the X-Ecutioners. One time at a Lil’ X video shoot I made the cardinal mistake of any entourage member by hitting up the craft services before the talent. I haven’t been invited on a music video set since.

*Sidebar: I left the craft services alone at the Roots Jam Session even though the honey turkey slices and Swiss cheese was caaaaaaaaaallin’ me.*

So back to the matter at hand which was to keep getting my shit fucked the fuck up. Gudtyme and Swift laced me with drink tickets. I felt myself having a hard time pushing back the fourth K-1 and tonic. I was waterlogged at this poiint and I had to drive home to Freeport. Good for me that once I left Manhattan the rest of my flight home was via highways.

Call 2 Earl? NEVA!

Here’s some more pics of the DP nightlife shenanigans…

^ My mans-n-them GudTyme.

^ No wifing in the club, now gimme $20!

^ PU~ to having your eyebrows in shape, but your mustache hair on 1,000. Shorty on the right is definitely the nuttgoblin because she looks like she’s heavy into nutt gobbling. BTW, it was her birthday.

^ RobSwift what up?!? Let me get that drink ticket fam.

^ Drunk and hot girls.

^ K-1 and tonic because I am so smooth, smooth, smoooooooth.

10 Responses to “EPIC. HANGOVER…”

  1. Dallas Penn suffers for his art so we don’t have to… Gracias! Although I could do with fewer photos of busted white chicks with big arms, even if birthday gal with the nose ring looks like she might be native… Staten Island anyone? Spare me the tourists and “burlesque,” however: MORE NIPS, less “art,” tho’ I bet at least one of those ladies went to “art school,” hah.

    Also, dude, it’s RUCK DOWN now–


    Goddamn advertising cornballs (i.e. nearly all of ’em) make my head hurt as bad as that hangover but P. cracked me up with this one.

  2. ItWasAFridayNight... says:

    Rob Swift doin it big with the last two shorties huh? NYC all day man

  3. PerForce1 says:

    ahaha man wish I could come, I def fuxx wit the Ketel

    I woulda given stache shorty a birthday present regardless 😉

  4. P.Villa says:

    Yo OD, DP! That mustache wasn’t even that bad…

  5. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Dallas, Hate to rain on your alkie parade, but drunk driving is NEVER cool plus the oinkers catch a 375 lb Black man drunk behind the wheel in L.I. and your wrinkled ass will be on a chain gang for 5 years, fined up the wazoo and “made an example of” as well as charged with assault, resisting arrest, weed in the ashtray and a litany of other shit including “suspicion”, ” malice aforethought”, “sedition”, and general fuckery. Ernie

  6. Lion XL says:

    Damn Ernie…experience must be a MF’er………………

  7. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Nah, never was a boozer, too many drunks in my family to show me how fucking ignorant and violent alkies are and how self destructive and shitty they are to the ones that love them or try to love them.
    Here’s the math:
    Cops hate Black males
    Cops fear Black Males
    Cops kill Black Males
    Cops should never be given any excuse to do evil shit against Black Males
    Black Males should conduct themselves with self respect and awareness around racist cops who can kill with immunity and impunity. Is that right, fair, just-fuck no.
    Is it a survival mechanism-fuck yeah. Ernie

  8. the_dallas says:

    That’s why the pigs don’t catch me Ernie. My G is still too futuristic. I tell them clowns that “these aren’t the ‘droids you are looking for.”

  9. Dart_Adams says:

    Gudtyme is the dude because he made one of my all time favorite tracks w/ the X-Excutioners back in ’97 “Black Music (Musica Negra)” and AGAIN in ’99 with “I’m Leaving”.


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