Sneaker Fiends United!

AIR 180

This one goes out to all my peoples who love to stick their nose in a fresh pair of AIR MAX.

NIKE has some treats for us dropping on Three KIngs Day (coincidentally my favorite shopping day of all time).

The ADDICT page is under serious construction. Stay tuned for vintage ‘LO, Gucci, Timberland and of course ‘swoosh’ brand products.

One Response to “Sneaker Fiends United!”

  1. eskay says:

    “Don’t call me dunn, ’til I’m finished
    Marcus Garvey Village, ‘Lo items vintage
    Me, wear FUBU? Man listen!
    That’s like the Marlboro man smokin a Winston”

    I was gonna say, ya’ll need to enable comments on The Addict page or somethin’

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