How I Got Over…


The Roots have consistently been the best live show I have seen. They are so good and satisfying that I haven’t been to a GEORGE CLINTON and P-Funk All-Stars show in several years. There was a time that I never missed a P-Funk date in NYC. Evar! Now I have trained my live show energies on the Roots residency at the Highline Ballroom.


If there was a complaint about the Roots it was that there studio album didn’t match the level of their live performances. I may have made that argument myself. I’m unrealistic to imagine that a studio album can contain the electricity of a venue packed with several hundred people. Still… I’m patiently waiting for the Roots album to drop that will be the undeniable classic that their talent deserves.


This week’s Highline show was special to me because of all my friends that had made the trip to see the show after reading all the drops here on this site. My homey from the DMV and fellow sneaker fiend JaiSlayer came through with some of his homeys. Polotron finally made the trip downtown as well. I see you too TeLisa D.


The Roots are going hard with their latest single ‘How I Got Over’. It’s a tour de force when you hear this song performed live. Black Thought goes in like James Brown x Kool G Rap x Al Green. The music defies description because it seamlessy blends soul music, rap, and R & B. It makes them all one sound. I fux with the Roots mainly for shit like this song which shatters the idea of what a Hip-Hop band should be.


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7 Responses to “How I Got Over…”

  1. Jdotnicholas says:

    ROOTS Come Alive concert album is as close as that may get, and that’s pretty dope.

  2. atifl says:

    don’t you regard illadelphia halflife as a classic? i personally believe it is a classic. im also waiting for their next album which by the sound of “how i got over” is sounding dope

  3. Espo says:

    James Brown x Kool G Rap x Al Green

    Great way to put it.

    I too had the pleasure of witnessing this week’s Jam Session – personal highlight = James Poyser on the keys playing Dilla’s Fantastic. Shit was fuckin nuts.


  4. the_dallas says:

    Poyser kills it everytime on the keys. A few weeks back they did a Dilla medley and I swear to you the spirit of James Yancey was in the building.

    They were just playing and then they hit this groove and everyone in the place felt like they were in the pocket with them.

    I left that piece singing ‘Fall In Love’ for three days str8!

  5. J-Mass says:

    I’m with you, Dallas. This jam is becoming an all-time Roots classic with each new listen. Black is the Roger Federer of this shit.

  6. B says:

    damn DP im mad pissed that i missed this weeks show..i knew they were probably gonna perform “how i got over” ..

    WBW in the house next week fam..ill see ya there

    good looks on the write up, pics and know its always much appreciated

  7. the_dallas says:

    Don’t feel no kind of way B. The joint rocks every single time. I don’t take that for granted but I’m also bi-polar too so don’t be like me.

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