Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

hail meg

A little remixing is going on today internets while I get myself together.

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to build with emcee par excellance Raekwon while he was in the studio with

That’s like the golden ticket to DisneyWorld.

I was part of the inaugural broadcast of Nah’Right Radio.

Slam Dunk.

Combat Jack gave the car a boost so I could make the home run to Freeport.

I just touched down.

Gonna need a minute to collect my thoughts and report back cogently.

Thank you for your patience.

hail meg

7 Responses to “Don’t Quit Your Day Job…”

  1. Tony Grand$ says:

    Don’t worry bruh. We know you got us! We got you too, sport. Damn, sounds like you had some fun, though. See you on the flipside.

  2. khal says:

    if i quit my dayjob, i wouldnt have internets.

  3. Angela says:

    I caught the tail end of the radio show last night. Good stuff. I hope Game isn’t an incest victim tho. Lol

  4. DirtyJerz says:

    Dope show! We had some of friends over last nice for steak & beer – and in the immortal words of 40, “fuck yo’ dietary restrictions!!” . The show was waaay better than the dvd’s my girl and I planned.

    funniest parts-

    Opening the show Combat dropping his drank – me and the 7 people at my house knew fa’ sho that the show was gonna be some funny sh*t!

    In the course of 2 hrs., Mo sloooowly easing into oncoming traffic – and basically not giving a fuk. Internets go hard!

    Please tell me there is video

    Black Jesus = Epic. Thats what you need to get yo day crackin’!!

    Side note – Can somebody tell me WTF is up with Starbury? I think this nigra took the red pill.

  5. Polotron says:

    Dallas w/ the screwface (all hail!) Meg…bong, bong!

    D-Jerz, your man Steph is coming apart at the seams. He should get it together before he’s (considered) only fit to ball @ West 4th….off the bench.

  6. Dart_Adams says:

    To quote late 90’s niggas that shit was John Blaze. Can’t wait for the next installment…


  7. khal says:

    mo def sounded super twizzy

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