Red Carpet Diaries…


I stood on the red carpet last night for RIK CORDERO’s new film ‘Inside A Change‘.

RIK continues to open lanes up for all of us ‘little camera’ directors.

The premiere was down the block from the Dallas BBQ on 23rd Street. While I was on my way to the Ghost + Red/Meth show I ran into B.Dot from RapRadar. B was like, “What’s good with your boy?” I told him it wasn’t no stab at their movement and B was like, “If I called some shit Nah Wrong or Dallas Pencil would that be 100?” B was right that would be wack, but RapGaydar isn’t gonna go pop. RapRadar is def safe from that angle.

In my mind the biggest problem for RapRadar was that government weather tracking site run by the Center for Atmospheric Research that always appeared at the top of the Google search. Now that ELLIOTT WILSON’s RapRadar has a higher Google rank than the O.G. RAP radar I can only see sunny skies in their forecast.

4 Responses to “Red Carpet Diaries…”

  1. khal says:

    i think worrying about rapgaydar should be the furthest thing from YN and B’s minds. to each their own, though.

  2. P-Matik says:

    I need to check this out.

  3. Combat Jack says:

    Funny how you always remain pc.

  4. Smear says:

    get over yourself Elliott

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