“When KANGAY WEST was asked how many Grammy statues he thought he might be able to shove into his arsehole he calmy held up both hands…”

Who will be the most annoying crapper in 2006? Will it be the attention starved momma’s boy, KANGAY? How about violence minstrel FITTY? There’s always platinum tooth blackface whiteface PAUL WALL?

I am excited that the future looks to show that there will be no shortage of people ready and willing to trade up the mythos of the ghetto for their corporate masters. Keep in mind that Hip-Hop is NOT a culture. Capitalism IS the culture.

We will be here at DALLASPENN.COM ready to hate with the truth. Still broke as all hell and eating food left on restaurant plates or discarded into garbage pails just like a bum.


4 Responses to “HOW MANY KANYE?!?”

  1. HELL-TO-THE-NAW says:


  2. Ashanzi says:

    I kinda like Kanye, but then I love reading your website. I don’ agree with your reasons for disliking the dude…

  3. Billy Sunday says:

    I don’t dislike KanGay. Crap music needs Kanye as much as it needs Slim Thug, as much as it needs Vanilla Ice.

    I enjoy his music but in the end, it’s just music. It’s not like KanGay’s Public Enemy and wants to engage the world outside of his music. He’s a glorified sound bite.

  4. Fresh says:

    I know this is totally off subject but Dallas I found a picture the other day I need to send to you. Its hilarious…

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