Sexual Chocolate

If you have a global conciousness then you are probably upset by the senseless and selfless items that are marketed in America for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate that comes in that ‘V’ shaped box(the heart is actually oval-shaped) could more than likely be from cocoa plants in Africa. The cultivation of these plants is another example of the longstanding global policy of exploiting Africa. The farmers are paid $100 bucks per family compared to the $13 billion dollars that these crops generate annually in the U.S. alone. Crazy shit like kidnappings and child slave labor are the order of the day when it comes to producing these crops. Fuck what I say, peep this website.

And when you talk about children being kidnapped, who does it better than the diamond traders throughout Africa??? Children are routinely butchered and maimed to intimidate their families to work extra hours in the dangerous diamond mines. I hung out with a Nigerian rapper this past summer and he asked me if I thought that U.S. rappers would be so brazen in their quest for jewelry if they knew the actual human toll that the diamond trade costs. I had to laugh in his face. In the rest of the world rappers are the truth speakers and on the frontline with freedom fighters. In America, they are one of the tools used to keep people poor and stupid. With all the money that is spent by the entertainment industry to sell these stones I don’t see how a regular person could resist the desire to be ‘iced’ up. My truth is that I lost all hope for civilization once niggas started putting diamonds inside spinning car wheels.

ZALES CORP. issued this webpage that described what ‘conflict’ diamonds are and why they don’t sell them any longer(hmmm…)

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  1. dainty39gm says:

    Imagine that! Black rappers having a conscious about what AFRICAN CHILDREN AND FAMILIES go through in the diamond mines. Not hardly. It’s more important for blacks, who play the “race” and “slavery” cards every chance they get, to comprehend that they are just as materialistic and greedy as anyone else.

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