Are you ready for some football?!?

Football season means another year of the DP dot com Pro Football contest.

The winner scores a pair of kicks from the sneaker fiend himself, DALLAS PENN. This year’s pool is in honor of the best running back in the black and blue division of the NFC North – RYAN GRANT.

ADRIAN PETERSEN?!? Neva heard of him.

sb green bay

I copped these Nike SB Dunks last week the minute I saw they were making a pair of ‘Green Bays’. Who knows but I’d love to give away a pair of these jammies. Nonetheless, you win the pool you get a fresh pair of Nike Dunks or Air Max.

You want in on this action here’s all you gotta do…

Leave a comment on this thread and you get an invite.

BTW, shouts to CANDACE from the NCAA pool this year. I just remember that I owe you a pair of Dunks for coming in last place. I got you ma!

green bay

54 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. BIGNAT says:

    i am in me and that another guy were the only 2. who were on top of your football pool last year


    lets do this!!

  3. jaislayer says:

    You already know it’s the N.Y. Giants, let’s go!!

  4. f white says:


    IM IN

  5. Luq says:

    I’m in…

  6. cocotaso says:

    lets go

  7. I sucked at this last year but can’t ignore a chance for free kicks. I’m in.

  8. Grand Prixx says:

    Im fucking wit dem green bay dips,they hella nice..oh yeah,please chek out my music being featured on 2 Anthony Carrillo from da chi!)

  9. Polotron says:


  10. Nattiez says:

    Put me down DP. i can use another pair of Dunks to go with the ones from the NCAA pool.

  11. Amadeo says:

    You already know.

  12. Casey says:

    I’m down

  13. Jesse says:

    I’m in

  14. dubble13 says:

    You gotta be in it to win it…

    Dubble is back in this….

  15. king blair says:

    I’m down for the crown baby

  16. Ekto Kooler says:

    let me get in on this.


  17. russ the bus says:

    im in

  18. quimby says:

    Once again, it’s on! @Naughty by Nature

    i’m in.

  19. Goliano says:

    I’m in, Chief!

  20. big rils says:

    I’m in.

  21. tmoneybags says:

    oh yea

  22. Chief says:

    I’m in.

  23. JP says:

    yessir.. fly eagles fly

  24. shabooty says:

    i hate to be “that dick” but what if they aint in my size mang? 🙂

  25. KazzMike says:

    deep this time,,,,

  26. furiou$tylez is back bitch! says:

    Is it still room muthafucka?

  27. Yeah, I got your note JERK. You should watch who you are writing to and calling a BITCH. Very stupid and unprofessional move.

  28. Grrrrrrrrr….*FOAMING AT THE MOUTH*

  29. Ok, the make up sex was good. Glad we cool again, Captain Internets. *GET OUT MY WAY THOUGH, I WANT THOSE KICKS.* They look wavy with big butt jeans.

  30. KoolMick_Lovin says:

    Yeah, babeee!!!!! The Eagles gotta do it this year, we got stone cold criminals on the squad this year….I’m in.

  31. geico lizard says:

    Im going to win

  32. og bobby j says:

    put me on fam…

  33. D.A. says:

    Count me in!!

  34. P.Villa says:

    Ooooooo it’s on!!! I’m in.

  35. F says:

    I’m in = everyone else might as well give up.

  36. sublicon says:

    invite plz!!

  37. Sickz says:

    I’m tryna get down

  38. dat520 says:

    im down cowboys all day!

  39. bananaclipse says:

    broncos fan. WOMP WOMP my life

  40. the_dallas says:

    I’ll send your invite in a minute. The neighbor whose Wi-Fi signal I have been stealing may have fiunally shut me down

    Worse comes to worst I will go to a library like I used to do

  41. tmoneybags says:

    still no invite?

  42. ryan says:

    lets go la raiders! oh wait, la rams? just kidding about LA foosball, go big blue!

  43. jason johnson says:



  44. pg says:

    yo, how do i get down the with NFL Pick ‘Em??? an e-buddy of mine referred me to this site!

  45. B-HEEZIE says:

    I want in too……..but I don’t know the group ID or PW……holla at me ASAP……Steelers are about whoop @$$……

  46. CtrlAltMalik says:

    Damn I might be too late to get in but if not invite me DP

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