Xbox Fiends Unite!


The latest development in this season’s Not For Long football pool is the addition of a special Xbox DJ Hero promo package as the new grand prize for the winner. You can still opt to receive a pair of sneakers or you can get the hottest video game evar.

If you were under a rock the last few years you would have missed the Guitar Hero craze that went global. Activision is now trying to corner the rest of the market with the Hip-Hop version of their most popular game.

dj hero

The DJ Hero promo pack will go to the points leader at the conclusion of the regular season. If you weren’t taking the football pool seriously yet it’s time for you to step up your picks…

Flacco’s Mighty Unibrow 54
Jesse 53
JayWho??? 52
Chief Okoye 52
King Blair Doo-Dooing on YOU 51
KoolMick_Lovin 51
Slaug_ter House 50
Don Majkowski’s wigbrusher 50
cocotaso 50
theotherstevesmith 50
titansfan78 49
Brooklyn Gyrl 49
DA’s Wonder Twins 49
No Skinny Jeans Allowed 48
BigNat’s Bronx Brawlers 48
Fearless Vampire Killers 48
Home Cookin’ 48
PurplePeopleEatersPause 48
nuh nuh nuh… gone 47
Madden Corleone 47
Suck a Dick Butkus 47
Vick Flair 46
BXPittFan 45
BananaClipse 45
Las Baja Panties 44
blackneckid 44
DirtyJerz 44
furiou$tylez IS BACK BITCH! 44

The overall leader Flacco’s Mighty Unibrow can be caught from behind but it depends now on how bad you want to get to the top. The rest of the season begins now.

*super shouts to Diego from Cornerstone for sponsoring the DP x NFL Football Pool

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12 Responses to “Xbox Fiends Unite!”

  1. Amadeo says:

    I swing on dudes for trying to catch me from behind.

  2. Sangano says:

    totally off topic … but … WHERE HAVE I BEEN ?!!!!?!?!

    I was looking for a podcast on iTunes earlier and went and BOOM I see an Internets Celebrities graphic … i’m like …. ‘Whhhhaa??” … naturally i clicked on it and BOOOM AGAIN … and BIGGER INTERNETS CELEBRITIES BANNER with your podcasts!

    I signed up holmes … 4 lizzife. Congrats !


  3. king blair says:

    Im not into them party games if I win Ima op for the kicks prolly. Is this the renegade version wit the Em and Hov tracks if so then I can roll wit it

  4. bananaclipse says:

    I had a terrible fuckin week. still gonna rise to the top

  5. LM says:

    I’m not even on the list of contenders… this will change

  6. the_dallas says:

    King Blair,
    what do you want to put on it that you won’t be top 5?

    Just like you found this page, internets will find each other. Its how we move.

  7. 1969 says:

    DP…check out today’s blog. It’s crazy!!

  8. the_dallas says:

    I’ve been in a hell-hole jobsite all day with the worst cellphone signal. Fux’n meetings all day.

    I wish you had put the URL is the comment field so I could have my Blaxberry get right to it. I’ma go there asap tho’ and leave my presence

  9. king blair says:

    I got a Stack of 20 comics say I finish top 5 DP this will be the year I doodoo on all of yous nSoprano style

  10. the_dallas says:

    King Blair, you win overall you get deluxe picks package. You come in top 5 I will just lace you with the bonus SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE! fitted and tee shirt combo

  11. king blair says:

    Cool if I finish outside top5 5 I will box up 20 dope comics I fux with and send them wherever u wants

  12. king blair says:

    Also to include will be personal faves such as Invincible by Image comics and 100 bullets by vertigo all originals no reprints

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