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KanYe West was quoted (albeit by me) that he didn’t fux with books. KanYe does fux with music tho’. And imagery. The problem has been solved with his picture book documenting the Glow In The Dark tour. As someone who witnessed the groundbreaking show from the first row in Madison Square Garden I can tell you that the book completely captures the energy of the stage performance.

The elaborate set design along with animatronics and pyrotechnics made the concert possibly the single greatest spectacle I have experienced in rap music. I’m anxious to see how KanYe West is going to present the ‘808s & Heartbreak’ album. If ‘Graduation’ was his ascent into the stratosphere, ‘808s’ might be his descent into the inferne underworld. I hope Spike Jonze collaborates on the staging for the next concert as well.

The Glow In The Dark book’s photography is spectacular throughout. Seeing KanYe outside of the aspect as a performer is where the book excels and defies description. I am considering this joint to be a high end photo memoir because that is how it plays in my eyes. The book also plays on my stereo too because they included a CD of live instrumental versions from the concert. With almost three hundred oversized artbook pages the Glow In The Dark book isn’t to be placed on top of coffee tables. IT IS a coffee table.


Shouts to Rizzoli for this one. Now can I get the Cities: People, Society, Architecture joint? I want to work on some urban planning in the ‘hood?

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  1. okay, okay says:

    Hate him or love him, Kanye writes himself into history with almost every thing he does

  2. okay, okay says:

    nudie magazine day. check out the Rosa Acosta x Supreme pictures. they’re sure to make any mans day better. just saw ’em via hypebeast

  3. the_dallas says:

    How come nobody attachs links? Are y’all that lazy?

  4. Tony Grands says:

    Yeah, Kanye said he didn’t know shit about books around the same time Wayne said it. Idiots. In fact, it was during an interview for that ridiculous book he published giving cats all type of life advice or whatever. No Dice on taking advice from that guy, but I may fux with this one.

  5. atifl says:

    the photography looks amazing, will def peep the book next time in borders or something.


    heres the link my dude to rosa acosta x supreme pics, enjoy it [II] i definitely did.

  6. chea says:

    Polotron Says:

    October 27th, 2009 at 3:12 pm
    The e-mail reminder for this comes way too early for the chronic procrastinator. “You mean I have 2.5 days to get this in? I’ll do it tomorrow…”. Fail.

    It’s still baseball season though. Can’t wait for Lil Mama to get tackled by security tomorrow….good times.


    *dies a thousand times*

  7. chea says:

    u know what’s better than christmas?

    i stumbled on some vintage lo sport joints from college that i had in a box at my mama house

    one of the items was just a white sweatshirt with elbow and shoulder patches, with just the words “POLO SPORT” written on the chest in small print in the middle of the chest

    so subtle

    so gorgeous

    such gorgeous ‘lo pimpery

    i folded it and put it in the closet (no r. kells) and i can’t even rock it – i’m afraid my son will spill cranberry juice on it, in which case i’ll have to send him to an orphanage on the shtrenf

    i’ll rock it one of these days tho – with skinny jeans tucked into my 40 Belows – ohhhhhhhhhhhh TURN MY SHWAG ON! lmao

  8. chea says:

    now watch DP is gonna ask for pics and when i twitpic them, he won’t respond. lolololol. i’ll snap some pics anyway

  9. Stanning for a wack runt seems to go against everything your web-site reps.
    His need for publicity good or bad is psychotic. He is a classic mental defective whose only goal in life is to be seen. Yes artists need visibility, but most go into the spotlight, do their acts, show their talent, then go back to their lives. For a man to have his whole life lived lived as one huge publicity stunt is offensive. Pink said it best “If he tried that with me I’d have punched him in the mouth. Then she delivered the deathblow by calling him a “TOOLBOX” (II). It hurts to see a minimal talent get so much shine and a RAKIM to be overlooked or a Mos Def to be minimalized while this putz gets headlines for nothing. Just saying………………………

  10. 40 says:

    What Ernie said…

    (Which is said because homeboy is truly talented, but all this extraneous fuckshit sullies the well. Which is why I fux with Mr. West in only an auditory sense.)

  11. Tony Grands says:

    “Which is why I fux with Mr. West in only an auditory sense”

    ^^^^i can dig it [||]. Makes being a fan of his so much less stressful. I’ll try it.

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