All Batman, All The Time…

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DC Comics is celebrating their platinum anniversary by putting the kibosh on developing any new Superman movies. The reason is that the copyright to the character is returning into the hands of the creator’s estates and Warner Brothers (DC’s parent corp.) wants to avoid the legal wrangling that almost derailed the Watchmen film.

This means more Batman films in the immediate future, which I’m not mad with. The Batman franchise headed by crazy Christian Bale has been nothing but winners. My fingers remain crossed to see the aged Batman from The Dark Knight Returns find himself on the big screen. A number of other DC Comics properties are also being developed for films as the rumors go.

Bizarro Superman is supposed to be a comedy where we go to Bizarro Earth to find that Bizarro Superman is a hero there and not a villain. A live action Aquaman movie and Adam Strange are also being developed. Green Arrow, Shazam and Flash all reportedly have scripts that are completed. The best news for DC Comics though is that Warner Bros. has hired longtime writers Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman as consultants to expedite the film production.

Early next year we will get to see some of the classic DC characters in their small screen movie premiere. Smallville: Justice Society will feature Hawkman, Green Arrow, Stargirl and Dr. Fate. The preview pics look interesting enough for me to DVR these episodes. I’ve never been a big fan of Superman, but when you mix that character with the justice League or even just Batman and Wonder Woman it starts to make more sense to me.

DC Comics animation division has been on-point from the word go. Now their live-action film division has got to step their game up or get buried by the oncoming Marvel/Disney juggernaut. DC has the characters to get back in the game, but the question remains as to whether or not they have the game plan.

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  1. Tony Grands says:

    Superman is easily the illest hero ever. Dude is an extra superior alien life, who actually WANTS to be a human, willing to die for our freedoms. Doomsday couldn’t even stop him.

    Smallville, I fux’d with the first two-three seasons, fell back, got stuck on Supernatural, but when they changed SV to fridays, & I got caught up, maaaan, the RedBlue Blur is off the chain. I can’t wait for Justice Society, although Green Latern’s a douche nozzle, & Aquaman is teh ghey (on the show, I mean). Even still, the show is picking up speed. A definite DVR move. They got Lois as some hardbody alter-ego broad, fightin ninjas & shit, & last week, they brough Gen Zod into the fray.

    Aight, geeking out. I digress.

    Received my package [||] today. Much love DP! Always (yes hetero). Good looking professor.

  2. 6 100 says:

    Green Arrow =Fail

    Flash is a toss up

    Shazam is going to bomb at the box office(Even w/the Rock)

    Aqua-man? Seriously? Pre or post- hand amputation? Will it be Adrien Grenier?

    DP. . .on some real shit. Why are all the super heroes in these flicks so small? Marvel, they completely mess up with casting(Will.I.Am.???). DC movies stay somewhat on point with the casting. Even the last Superman gets 1 thumb up.

    When in the comics was Wolverine taller than Cyclops?

    Sabertooths fingernails retract now?

    Deadpool steals powers?

    Jean Grey is 15 years older than Cyclops?

    All natural webs for Spiderman?

    Topher Grace as a 150lb Venom? Carnage I could see at 150, but Venom looks at least 275, son. . .

    Marvel needs to do something about the casting.

    HHH as Conan is going to be hot though.

  3. Mark Dub says:

    Damnit 6 100! You hit most of my gripes w/the Marvel joints squarely on the head. Will.I.Am? Really? Who thought THAT would be a good idea? I initially thought the casting of Ryan Reynolds as the Merc w/a Mouth was a good look, but then the idea that Deadpool is a super-mutant who steals other mutants powers? That was a straight ass sammich with extra anchovies. It’s like they’re altering the stories for added sensationalism when, in reality, there’s nothing wrong w/the stories as they were presented in the books. I think they may believe that there’s something wrong w/telling the same story in the books, but the fanboys all just really want to see our favorite characters seamlessly translated onto the big screen. Marvel is effin the eff up, and needs to get it right. I think Iron Man 2 will redeem them a bit.

  4. 6 100 says:

    Son, don’t get me started on Wolverine’s claws. They were SUPPOSED to come out on top of his hands behind the knuckles, not between them like some butcher knives. And since when is Wolverine 6’1″. He’s listed everywhere as 5’4″-5’7″

    Deadpool is going to get his own flick w/Ryan Reynolds. I just hope when the mask comes off, as it should, Deadpool has the scars and open lesions like in the comic book, and it’s not all abs and rugged good looks[||] to lure in the ladies.

    Personally I want to see Namor, played by the Rock.

  5. Amadeo says:

    I’m agreeing on most points…but let’s not forget the clusterfuck that spans several Batman flicks. The first joint is even only ok in comparison to the re-vamped joints.

    Actually, if they keep Green Arrow like he was that could be win. Batman would just go do his own thing and quietly shit on the JS…Green Arrow was the dude that basically called Green Lantern a racist elite whore and ripped the JS for shitting on humanity in between shooting…green arrows.

  6. Tony Grands says:

    Yeah, Deadpool singlehandedly killed Wolverine for me. I was willing to overlook certain things, but how was that Deadpool. Even my son said, “where’s his guns?”

    I think Captain America will be ill, although Marvel puts too much of a spin on the histories of the characters in the live actions. The animated’s though, I love those.

  7. Damn Son says:

    i think a Bishop or Cable movie done right would be whats good. they did eff up deadpool. they did alright with the first punisher. it coulda been better tho. lol-can any comic movie ever do better than the og ninja turtle movies?anybody ever see the nick fury movie with dave hasselhoff? what the fuck was that about

  8. Tony Grands says:

    If sam jackson is nick fury like ironman alluded to, that could be the premise to a next gen following. Like gi joe. That movie did not suck[||] like I thought it would.

  9. BIGNAT says:

    “My fingers remain crossed to see the aged Batman from The Dark Knight Returns find himself on the big screen” slap on a sin city fliter that shit would be crazy or at least have tim burton do it.

  10. sealsaa says:

    Dark Knight Returns is good, but The Killing Joke is better. I don’t know about a live action film, but it’d make a killing as an animated feature. Dark Halloween would work as a live action movie

  11. Mark Dub says:

    I’m with you, T. Grands; their depiction of Wolverine made me not even want to own it on dvd. They fuxed that up, MAJORLY. Sam Jack as Nick Fury? Win. David Hasselhoff…not so much. GI Joe was cool, and didn’t suck too bad, and I’d LOVE to see The Dark Knight returns…but it must be done correctly or its all in vein.

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