The Secret War On The Old EARTH (World AIDS Day ReMix)

the old earth
Editor’s Note: Today is World AIDS Day. Although we here at don’t subscribe to the general consensus on AIDS, we still want to show respect to those people who have paid the ultimate price.

An article in the March ’06 Harpers Magazine exposed the genocidal griminess of the medical industrial complex. The article opened with the story of a working class mother from Memphis who was pregnant and coerced into taking an HIV test. She received a false positive and since the doctors didn’t administer a back up test she was labeled to have HIV. Fearful that she would pass the HIV to her yet unborn child she agreed to become part of a clinical trial that was using a combination of anti-HIV drugs. What she and the other women in this trial were not told was that the drugs that they would be receiving were actually pathogens. Designed to break down the immune system by giving it toxins that the body would have to fight. The duration that these toxins needed to destroy their host was the true subject of the study.

This particular woman, JOYCE ANN HAFFORD, a healthy 33yr. old probably didn’t have HIV, but she had the disease with the deadliest combinations of symptoms inside of America. She was a Black, single, working-poor mother. Mrs.HAFFORD used the HIP centers and the free clinics that so many of us rely upon inside of our cities. When you are uninsured and unable to afford the services provided at a private practice you become the human equivalent of a test animal. In the case of Mrs.HAFFORD, her demise was from massive organ failure and not AIDS.

Pharmaceutical companies, with the blessings of the Federal Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health use urban health clinics to sample thousands of proposed trial medications. Many of these trials test the levels at which patients can consume lethally toxic drugs. This is far worse than the Tuskeegee study which was about administering a debilitating, albeit non-lethal, dose of syphillis to men and analyzing the effects over time.

The drugs used in these trials were known for their rampant toxicity. AZT in a branded combination called Combivir was lauded for the test tube trials in which it killed HIV-infected blood cells and prevented them from replicating. The truth is that AZT prevents all cells from reproducing and kills all cells especially healthy ones is not the info that is put on the table. Instead I see MAGIC JOHNSON doing ads for pharmacuetical giant Glaxo-SmithKline. This is the same company that has been sued by African nations for price gouging on its medical patents. Apparently the only drugs that Glaxo will give away for free are the ones that will kill you quickly.

What is also becoming apparent is that HIV/AIDS does not have a clear definition or symptomology. Did you know that depending on what country in Africa you are from determines your presumed HIV status? The World Health Organizations give pharmaceutical giants free reign to distribute any trial medications throughout the continent. I can accept the genocide that is waged daily on African peoples in Africa because I am not over there. I will not accept the genocide that is being administered on intraveneous drug users and Black women right here in my community. When you watch OPRAH this afternoon peep how many commercials she runs for prescription drugs. You better believe someone is making her rich when she says that down-low Black men are responsible for the spike in African American women contracting HIV. EDDIE MURPHY can’t be having sex with everybody. OPRAH is going to have to stop co-signing these pharmaceutical companies on the one hand and then posing as a champion of Black womanhood on the other side.

Pharmaceutical giants, the FDA and the National Institutes of Health are fighting a secret war against the old Earths. Will you take a stand?

rest in peace mrs.francis

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19 Responses to “The Secret War On The Old EARTH (World AIDS Day ReMix)”

  1. Kiana says:

    wow. I’m going to have to check out that Harpers Magazine article. I have a post today about my grandmother’s battle with AIDS. I don’t know much about her struggles because she never talked about it but I do know she was using experimental drugs from some trial. From what I know, she had the illness for years but her body didn’t seem to go till she started taking that medicine. Her name was Joyce too.

  2. thanks to DP and Kiana for their posts, and condolences on your grandmother, K.

    Celia Farber, author of the Harper’s piece, has done important work on this subject for years, beginning, I think, with Spin and then New York Press. The co-sign by Harper’s was a big deal because she’s been ** VILIFIED ** for paying any attention to those who question the HIV = AIDS orthodoxy.

    My mind is scattered right this second but who was (is?) the South Africa President who got shut the fuck down HARD when he spoke out questioning this too?

    Ya’ll remember when one of the big things was “Haitians with AIDS”? As if Haiti (or sub-Saharan Africa, or Mott Haven) were paradise before AIDS, with healthy food, lifestyles, medical care etc before AIDS (At least the Bronx has good water.)

    Q: how the hell are there ** any ** Haitians left is AIDS the big epidemic there? How are there Nigerian dudes on Fulton, Franklin, Pitkin etc if damn near their whole continent was likewise infected?

    Oh wait– Big Pharmeceutical saved them and us?

    Not to say AIDS wasn’t and isn’t real, of course, it is: Keith Haring RIP and so many others but the governmemt medical-corporate insistence that HIV = AIDS is… for whom’s benefit, specifically?

    OF COURSE we should all be as safe, clean, healthy etc etc as possible but that doesn’t make the science of HIV, or the $$$ some people make from pushing it, inviolate.

    I’m not at all expert (and hopefully didn’t misstate anything in this reply) but here’s a whole Celia Farber archive–

    Also, ACT Up San Francisco is one of the leaders in the anti-HIV movement–


    Here’s their summary of AIDS in Africa–

    Unlike in the United States, AIDS in Africa is most frequently diagnosed based on four very imprecise clinical symptoms–diarrhea, fever, persistent cough, and weight loss greater than 10% over two months. HIV antibody tests are not required to diagnose a case of African AIDS. These four clinical symptoms are identical to the problems created by conditions of poverty that have troubled Africa and other developing areas of the world for centuries. In fact, symptoms of the so-called African AIDS epidemic are indistinguishable from the effects of malnutrition, unsanitary drinking and bathing water, and common curable conditions like malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, and parasitic infections.

    Rather than solve the problems of African poverty caused by centuries of ruthless Western exploitation, the U.S. government insists on broadcasting the doomsday notion that Africa is suddenly gripped by a deadly, spreading sexual plague. According to these American health authorities, salvation from sickness can only be found in profitable pills manufactured by the white West and exported to black Africa.

  3. mercilesz says:

    good post good post

  4. Tony Grands says:

    I had a cousin who had HIV, according to relatives. Not to sound shallow, but he never seemed sick, & I never dared to ask, so I don’t know how true it was. A few years & thousands of pills later, they claimed he was testing negative, after all types of treatments & medications. Last time I saw him, he did look sick. Like life was being sucked from him. This was after meds & treatments. Poor & uninsured. Perhaps another lab rat.

  5. Tony Grands says:

    The thing about AIDS/HIV is the way that 20 years ago, it was presented as the end game for gays, Blacks & Latinos, not to mention dozens of third world countries & continents. The media made it seem (when I was a kid) as if their was nothing to look forward to other than bleak, unavoidable death for said demographic.

    In hindsight, that type of propoganda sure would be quite the magnificent marketing tool for the big pharmaceutical companies to benefit from, for decades if not centuries. I don’t discount the disease, but I also see how it’s “spread” would be beneficial to many “invisible hands”.

    I consider myself blessed because, if only by the six degrees of seperation, we all know someone it’s affected, Ki being a case in point. It’s real, but you can’t tell these kids that, babies having babies, drug usage becoming all trendy again, a complete disregard for life, one’s own & others, it’s a sad state of affairs in general. I hear that syphillis & chlamydia are popping up again, too. It’s up to us, the older heads, to make sure we educate the youth, because ultimately, they’re the future.

  6. Ernest J. Paniccioli says:

    Open letter to President Obama:. We elected you in the hope of jobs and peace.
    Instead you have chosen to expand an un-winnable war and finance it with trillions of dollars that are needed here.
    Here we are suffering from a 10 to 15% unemployment rate and even higher in some areas.
    If you need to wage war, wage it against hunger, poverty, AIDS and homelessness here in America.
    As President you swore to rule by the will of the people. The people are against this war.
    In whose name are you expanding this war? A war in
    Afghanistan is total madness, any ask country that has been beaten there in the past 1000 years.

    I hope and pray that the American people stand up and do all in their power to end this insanity before America is sunk forever in debt, unemployment and chaos and this war escalates into a global tragedy.

    You have failed to keep your promises of peace and have failed to live up to the hope you instilled in the hearts of millions. I am a Vietnam Veteran, elder, father, grandfather, citizen and taxpayer.

    If for no other reason than to save the Democratic Party, end this war or be assured the next president will be from any party but yours.

  7. Ernest J. Paniccioli says:

    Dallas, This article from you is why I read you with my morning coffee every morning. Thanks , much respect to you for clarity and the power of your words. Ernie

  8. Polotron says:

    I couldn’t get Ernie for at least mayor?

    A brainfood thread. Good stuff all….

  9. Tony Grands says:

    Ernie For Mayor!

    Or @ least Governor of California, because the communist nazi dick drip that we have is horrid.

  10. Lis says:

    @ Willis – Thabo Mbeki

  11. fredMS says:

    i appreciated the links for celia farber. would anyone have links of anything else like this, where more healthcare disparities are pointed out?

  12. AQUILOGY says:

    AIDS denialism is folly

  13. Mark Dub says:

    Powerful post, DP, and very powerful comments, all. Drops like this is why I read this blog almost daily.

  14. infamouse says:

    Dallas: I usually read your scribbles because you’re a smart guy. But, you’re veering into some wingnut territory over there with that ‘virus myth’ stuff. Careful….

  15. BIGNAT says:

    in the last couple weeks i have heard sevreal reports on crooked stuff going on with hiv/ aids treament. makes me think that bull that my friends were talking in high school was right aids seems to be a man made virus. also truth in comedy chris rock ” the government not trying to cure aids they still mad at the money they lost on curing polio.”

  16. the_dallas says:

    My “scribbles” be doing just fine without your eyeballs. I speak what I feel to be truth and if it makes you feel uncomfortable click away to the place that tastes like your mother’s milk. When you gets a bit more growed up you can come see us. We’ll be here.

  17. infamouse says:

    ^ Nah , man. I’ll pass. Mama didn’t raise a fool, so I’m not trying to get all up on the bad side of the cool Transformers!

    I will say this: if HIV does not = AIDS, how about Thabo Mbeki and all those denialists volunteer and get some live virii injected just to prove it. Because they can’t and won’t walk it like they talk it is why.

    AIDS denialism is lethal folly with serious consequences for millions of black folk.

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