These Stacks Stay Blowing…


Unlike my blog brethren, the great Combat Jack, I see the Kat Stacks storyline not as a trainwreck tragedy, but as the last of the great American success stories. Only in America can a whoare, who may very well have a learning disability, be able to negotiate for herself the lifestyle of her choosing.

Here I am going to a panel in Washington D.C. to advise people on how to get a foothold in the realm of social media and marketing and I stay one paycheck(not from any internets endeavors) away from eating at a soupkitchen. The Kat Stacks website is as basic as any basic bitch might devise and it is a murderer for referral traffic.

The sky is the limit for this chick because there is no line that she won’t cross. Kat Stacks’ is getting movie deals that aren’t pr0n? Kat Stacks is functionally illiterate and also securing book deals. This is the rapture ladies and gentlemen.

The cult of celebrity has found their savior and she is a hot mess-iah…

At the end of the day, we are all just suckers for love. Keep stackin’ your paper Kat.

36 Responses to “These Stacks Stay Blowing…”

  1. DirtyJerz says:

    I agree, we are all suckers for love, though some front harder than others. She should do her numbers….Early! The way she takes vodka straight to the neck woulda trinked me.Ha! But I’m not sure if I can get past the combination of her nagging voice and her broken english potty mowf! I’m sure that may have been the deal breaker for most of these cornball ass rapperdudes.

  2. Smear says:

    long as they stay blowing…

  3. P-Matik says:

    Are you gonna be in that blogger panel in DC I read about yesterday?? Man, I oughta come through see you speak on thangs!

  4. Children of Sanchez says:

    so what the fuck, Joe Budden is a hacker? I believe it ahah

  5. Can’t hate…

    Don’t have to like what she’s doing to get “famous”, or agrees with her lifestyle, but hey, who am I? I’m just a nigga with talent & a dream. Too bad I wasn’t born with a vajayjay & the brain activity of a grasshopper. Good luck, homegirl. You’ll need it. But, can’t hate…

  6. getthesenets says:

    technology + ghetto ass birds =disaster

    half a generation ago it was *69,now it’s twitter ………..the rest of the world is using technology to get ahead…….we’re using it to stay doing the same dumb shit…

    we’re getting left behind as we do the running man on treadmills…..

  7. getthesenets says:

    when I first saw the pic…I figured she was a new york latina……..but hearing her talk………..she’s a mixed chick from some random boonie town somewhere down south…..

    what’s really scary is (she’s) somebody’s daughter/

    SLOW DOWN!!!!…….slow slow slow DOWN!!

  8. get-

    Nah, what’s really scary is that she has a son…

  9. ^^I don’t know how much money would enable me to tolerate an entire scholastic career of “ya mom fucked all the rappers!”, but maybe that’s just me. Pride is a trait that seems to be evaporating right before our eyes. & the things that young people are proud of lack any real dynamic & depth.

    If there is a hell, get the handbaskets ready.

  10. LEX says:

    Couldn’t agree more with getthesenets & Tony Grands. That little fake laugh she does is dumb annoying too..

  11. the_dallas says:

    There’s definitely a hell, and in this case the handbaskets are being made by Gucci and Louis Vuitton

  12. REAL2REEL says:


  13. getthesenets says:


    the good thing about the disposable nature of today’s pop music is that by the time her son is school age……none of the rappers she mentioned will be in the public eye anymore…

    scary that she has a son and is STILL out there whoring like that…..

    hopefully…since she’s putting herself out there like that…..somebody who is related to her or who knows her contacts Family Services and gets her son removed from her household..or gets her to slow down and be a mother…..

    who is watching the little dude as she’s out there having trains run on her???

  14. Lion XL says:

    Makes them chicks on ‘PIMPS UP HOES DOWN’ sound like rogue scholars……

    Not to shit on nobody’s mental state, but how dumb/stupid/ignorant/{file in} can a person be, that some random dude is gonna FORCE you to slit your wrist?
    Woop my ass, pistol whip me, kill me!, but you cannot force me to slit my own wrist…that bitch raised stupid to a new level

  15. get-

    Child Services went to her house yesterday. She put it all on TwitterBlast for her fellow Twidiots. Supposedly, a rapper called on her.

  16. I went to her site & she basically thinks that she is a professional whore/celebrity. Although, I guess she is, no?

    It says a lot about the values we put into our kids 20 years ago if this is the outcome. Speaks volumes to her rearage, & even more so, the things she’ll inadvertently put into her son’s psyche. I cringe when I see “stupid” people with children. I feel sorry for the helpless child. This chick made me throw up in my mouth a little, per se.

  17. getthesenets says:


    are you serious???

    wow…she thinks it’s a joke when DYFS(what they call it in Jersey)comes knocking?

    If somebody called…….it was somebody who knows her in real life and is embarrassed by her…………if she says a rapper did it…it’s a better story..

    well, at least she’s media savvy……

    You know what?…now that there’s at least somebody aware of and monitoring her son’s well being…I can look at this trainwreck of a story for what it is…..which is funny as hell….

    negative behavior is rewarded in current pop I won’t be surprised if she gets a tv show or something…not a book though…..her target audience doesn’t read books

  18. This is a great time in American history to be a jump-off…

  19. getthesenets says:

    Lion XL said she makes the Ho’s Down sound like rhodes scholars.


  20. get-

    She’ll get her 15 minutes. Maybe even 20. God forbids she hooks up with SuperHead or Tila Tequila (btw, on her site, she’s calling out Tequila as a “lier” & a whore), & gives young impressionable girls even less aspiration & more aimless hope at becoming “famous”.

    & another star is born…

    I’m sure she thinks child services closes the case after they walk away, which is not the case. I speak from baby momma-induced experience. They’re watching her, especially as she puts herself on full & total blast.

  21. getthesenets says:

    “Fame is scary.
    Think about Bill Clinton.
    Can you imagine being so famous , that somebody sucks your D..and then THEY’RE famous?”

    Dave Chappelle….comedy routine he did BEFORE the Chappelle show

  22. getthesenets says:


    the way our people are cooning….you’d almost forget that Barack and Michelle live in the White House

  23. the_dallas says:

    I’m feeling the term ‘rogue scholars’. As a matter of fact, I aspire to that

  24. chris says:

    “the most diabolical drawers ever”

  25. $yk says:

    Well cot dayum!

    What’s sadder is the fact that your only plan is to go on Twitter and broadcast your business, instead of handling it…

  26. $yk says:

    “Fame is scary.
    Think about Bill Clinton.
    Can you imagine being so famous”

    ^ actually in MS Word typing that blog…’Energy Consumers’

  27. BIGNAT says:

    how she kept the kid after the end in the last video. she drinking vodka like it’s nothing as she said no chaser hahahaha. these ho’s be stepping out of pocket. sounds like she sour about what happened with nelly.

  28. $yk says:

    “Holla at Lil’ Wayne…6…”

    ^ Hol’ up, ain’t he locked up? *gong*

    She’s gotta be in some type of position to get hush money or something. She acting like these dudes ain’t got P.I./lawyer money.

  29. Angela says:

    I read this girl’s blog post about being beat up by her pimp/baby father and felt sick to my stomach. She makes me sad. Makes me want to go mentor somebody. :-/

  30. $yk says:

    @ Ang

    Recent news? I don’t Tweet.

    Fun fact: Twitter is the only social network that requires a warrant for info. All others ‘cooperate’ early.

    For all I know hoodrat may be ‘cooperating’ in this Wonder Twin form…

  31. LEX says:

    How old is this girl?

  32. ^^Early 20’s, I think.

  33. 40 says:

    Whats really shitty about this as well (regarding her seed) is that these clips ain’t NEVER going away. Its gotta suck being a kid now. Think about it, you get into a fight in 5th grade, someone phone vids it, puts it up on the internets and pretty much your asskicking has been immortalized for eternity for you to be constantly mocked. Same with this broad’s behavior. I used to think that all this online bullying shit was some pantywaist suburban out cry shit, but if you think about it at this rate, with all this documentarian technology (and the ability to see it on demand anywhere), there’s gonna be alot more Columbining in the future (unless they all stay indoors).

    Fuck these ho bitches. I diassociate myself from most modern rap because of just the whole soap opera snitch factor that has become de rigeur since records ain’t sellin’ no more…. As Ice T once said – “Some of y’all niggas are bitches to.”

  34. 1969 says:

    ^Co-sign 40. The internet means that his mother’s hoeisms shall live forever. I really believe that dumb folks shouldn’t procreate.

  35. ^^It also means that her personal business is completely out there.

    Anybody with at least elementary-level computer knowledge has the potential to be a supervillian.

  36. RTHSTN says:

    She is hustling that body and its working. People are talking and she is getting fame. She getting a book deal? wouldn’t be surprised if she had a VH1 show in the works. The internet is a monster

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