am 95s

^ Arguably Nike’s greatest sneaker. Definitely holy grail status…

The Air Max ’95 remains one of Nike’s most enduring styles desspite the advancements made in the air soles up to this point. That is due to the original colorway of this shoe. The neon accents alomg with the 3M details were fantastically understated. The undersole identification of the air bubble PSI rating made this shoe a technical piece of equipment.

Tech gear was at the height of fashion in the streets. Polo Ralph Lauren, Northface, Timberland, and Nike were introducing Gore-Tex, 3M, and other futuristic fabrics to their product lines. The new millenium was in front of us and all of these fashion brands envisioned a glorious day-glo Y2K. It’s now ten years after 2000 and we are still looking forward to a new ’95.

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  1. These & the red colorways. Yes, arguably the greatest Nike ever. Damn sure the flyest. These young boys don’t know them shits was from a decade & a half ago.

  2. sean p 4real says:

    the orange colorway was the best

  3. Rob says:

    Arguably Nike’s greatest sneaker. Definitely holy grail status

    ^^Yup, one of my favorite looking and one of the most comfortable shoes to sport. 15 yrs later im still huntin for dif colorways

  4. epinz says:

    fuck all that!!!!!!…..greatest sneaker design of all times period!!!!

  5. LEX says:

    The greatness of this design can not be denied. Comfort + style. Cant’ go wrong with these kicks.

  6. the_dallas says:

    I keep a pair of OG colorway retros on ice (yes Walt Disney) just in case I need to be buried in them

  7. C Grahamz says:

    Its the greatest!! 95 motherfucka! (c) Frank Wizza

  8. $yk says:

    Air Max 1’s and Air Max 95.


  9. @$yk

    Cosign… told kids on twitter I’m on my Air max shit this summer, had to put my Dunks on bench status….. 87-97

    My 95’s were the earthtone jawns

  10. DirtyJerz says:

    The og colorway AM1’s are GOAT and will be on the spaceship, but the 95’s is definitely buttery slick! This is the year that I finally get a pair of the OG neons. My first pair was the obsidian w/yellow air bubble that came out many years later! When I went to my parents for Thanksgiving, my pops had them sh*ts in the garage to cut grass in!LOLz My pops closet is the DirtyJerz kick mausoleum. If you ever see an old timer with some OG status footwearz in Durham, he’s no bum.

  11. $yk says:

    @ Marc

    Word. I stayed w/runners on. Needed that ‘one-time’ advantage…and for work, switch up @ the office…punching in on time is a sport…

  12. Dogg91702 says:

    I always wondered what was the big deal about these, they are ugly. Out here in Southern Cali I rarely seen anyone rolling with these when I was in high school(1995) or in the street.

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