MarQ Spekt: ‘Pretty Weapons’…


MarQ Spekt – ‘2 Cents’

Funny story is that ‘Spekt is mah dude just on some comic book, sneaker fiends, ‘Lo lifestyle shit.

He told me that he rapped once upon a time, but he NEVER got at me like, “yo DP peep this shit!” type shit.

When I go to Atlanta I holla at ‘Spekt to help me get around the town on some shadow warrior shit. I stay low key and just hit up the SB shops and the what not, blow some trees and talk about the next move. ‘Spekt is a like mind in that he comes from a similar place in his love for the culture. He understands that we live a total lifestyle in this Hip-Hop. It’s deeper than rap.

I got a pack in the mail the other day and I saw it was from ‘Spekt. Between him, DirtyJerz, ADB and JaiSlayer I have to humbly say that I love these brothers like my own brother. No [ll] button required. If I’m in a spot with no wiggle room I can get at these brothers to help me get my shit right and that is real talk. I opened the pack and saw that ‘Spekt had peaced me these vintage MF Doom stickers along with two(2) copies of his CD ‘Pretty Weapons’.

I’m glad he gave me that second disk because he knows how much I love to keep shit mint condition in the wrapper. Do you see that cover art? That is like Vaughn Bode x P-Funk’s Pedro Bell x Dirty Pair. Talk about finding a nigga’s wheelhouse?!? I would wear the ‘Pretty Weapons’ tee for a week str8. The music on the disk matches the cover art. Back to the future rhymes. No skinny jeans rap, but still emo and passionate. You better wear your Kevlar-coated kicks if you gonna step in the arena with ‘Spekt.

MarQ Spekt – ‘Armor Truck Rap’

I like how ‘Spekt approaches his art. It’s the same way that I write this weblog. This content isn’t for the masses, but for those that are ready for something different, something next. I don’t do a whole lot of promo for this page. The people that come to this site are here for a reason deeper than some trendy mainstream shit. MarQ Spekt raps the same way. He ain’t out to come looking for you. You gotta find him in the cut. Maybe then you might be ready for his shit.

Keep your eyes out for more grilch from my dude…


14 Responses to “MarQ Spekt: ‘Pretty Weapons’…”

  1. $yk says:

    Spekt sound like Sheek Louch! liking that ‘Armor Truck Music’ and the art homie!

  2. Twillness says:

    That cover art is fucking awesome. I’d buy the shirt too.

  3. Sounds pretty dope & artwork is pretty nasty. I fucts with 2 cents real heavy, kept looking for DL link so I can crank this in my iStuff.
    I’ma keep looking.


  4. the_dallas says:

    ^ Click the DivShare player homey

  5. DirtyJerz says:

    MarQ, ya’ rhyme status is up, ked! I need a copy of this CD, B.
    co-sign on Twillness, the cover art is dope!

    DP, I thought “Pretty Weapons” was the name of Camouflage Lingerie’s first single. Lolz

  6. Yo straight from the heart, I’m glad y’all feeling the artistry. It’s heartfelt. Pretty Weapons was actually my 1st solo cd I ever did that was supposed to drop in 2007 b4 the label folded. Songs were recorded from 2003-2005. I was actually signed to a label called Subverse in 1999 and was supposed to drop an EP produced by MF Doom who was my label mate at the time( Doom was fresh off of Doomsday). Label politics left me getting some indie $ and being fortunate to have dropped some vinyl before that situation collapsed. I wasn’t feeling the “industry” at all and just went totally underground working on shit by myself and with my crew. Please believe me when I tell you I get so much more out of just doing this shit, naturally for fun.

    Anyone interested in a copy of Pretty Weapons, get at Dallas with your address and I’ll touch base with him and send you a copy. Just hit me with shipping and it’s all good. Found some more promo stuff from the Subverse era, so I may slip a vintage Doom Sticker or some other stuff in the package as well.

  7. BIGNAT says:

    this joint is cool i like it where can it at.

  8. BIGNAT says:

    can i find it at

  9. Mark Dub says:

    Pretty dope shit, Spekt. Different and authentically artisitic w/o sounding like you’re TRYING too hard be such.

  10. brytburken says:

    i remember an old track called SHOPLIFTER that was CRAZY!!! used to play that all the time!

  11. brytburken says:

    no dessert until you finish your vegetables!

    i remember marq spekt from the subverse label… “leave a mark and get my respect!”

  12. wildstyle says:

    I’m really feeling that Armor Truck Rap. How can I get my hands on that pretty weapons album, homie?

  13. the_dallas says:

    Holler at ‘Spekt direct thru his web portal –

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