I Used To Get It In Oregon [ll]


Elvis Presley once told me that there are only two things in Oregon – Ducks and sick fucks.

Shouts to the prA’li donation from Eugene, Oregon.

I hope you weren’t one of the two dudes busted for rioting. How cool is Eugene that there is a riot with hundreds of people and only two are arrested? None tased. None shot.

Biggups to Eugene police (and prA’li the fact there are no Blacks in Eugene).

duck boots

I remember being in a Ross store in Atlanta and true to form Ross had some random fly shit.

Player exclusive University of Oregon football cleats.

Them shits is flyer than Dries Van Noten shoes, and I own Dries Van Noten wingtips with a kilty [ll].


I planned on visiting the west side before the year was done if my prA’li movement picked up any steam. Eugene, Oregon just put some chips on the trip. Anyone at Beaverton care to match it up?

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  1. Never been to Oregon but much respect to the Ducks; Young Willis Still Sunsweet was pretty competitive cross country and road runner and prA’li the WEIRDEST racing shoes he ever had were the original yellow & black Nike Air Socks–


    Be hilarious if someone out there had a pair of these ‘on ice’!

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    My white girlfriend and a co-worker tell me it’s mad racist in Oregon, Eugene in particular. Something about a large proliferation of white supremacists out that way. Open spaces and all. Good to have you back, brother.

  3. the_dallas says:

    Shouts to whoever in Eugene thought enough of this site to put their PayPal where their URL is.

    I would accept a donation from a supremacist, as long as they was for the children.

    DallasPenn.com is for the kids


  4. n8 says:

    thanks for putting on for my city dallas.

  5. $yk says:

    word??? Eugene? Maybe Corvallis or Portland/Beaverton area…email me homie…

    and btw…prA’li goes to fatal failure

  6. the_dallas says:

    Thx homey, link fixed

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