Das Racist Is From The Future…

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Being an Internets Celebrity isn’t always all low-brow glamorous like eating an extra value crispy chicken meal at Wendy’s. Like all the best low paying professions there’s some work involved in doing this. It’s good for me that I like this job.

Das Racist invited me to hang out with them at the release party for their latest mixtape project ‘Sit Down, Man’. You might imagine that the tripster darlings of the internets know how to throw a party. Well I’ll confirm the yes. It starts with letting anyone who arrives early get their drink on gratis of the producing party promoting Cerberus – Greedhead, Mad Decent and Mishka.

A few bands that DR fux with opened the stage up for them. Tecla Esposito, who is also part of the retro electro galactic R & B band Gordon Voidwell was the first act. I think I’m in love with her. Keepaway brought an Amish drum and bass rockstar vibe to the party. Next was Maluca Mala who made me think she could be the daughter of Sheila E. and Prince, if they had ever mated.

Das Racist was due to perform next but my glass slipper was about to become a wooden clog because I had to scramble back to Brooklyn to record the Combat Jack Radio Show. I missed the DR set but these folks caught it and liked it.


MetroMix NY

Village Voice

Here’s a link to the mixtape. Definitely give them a spin

Das Racist ‘Sit Down, Man’

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