The Dude vs. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy…


While I have the attention of all my favorite commenters I’m going to post some tracks from Quincy Jones seminal R&B posse album with cuts from ‘Ye Tudda’s seminal Hip-Pop offering. Enjoy these while we have the chance to before the Dept. of Homeland Security seizes my server

The Dude vs. Dark Fantasy

‘The Dude’

‘Dark Fantasy’

I believe that’s the one and only Michael Jackson on The Dude’s auto-tuned backgrounds. I wonder who wrote the rap verse for this track? Ludacris? The subject of the song sounds like he’s a bad mofo, but he def ain’t got no Murcielago.

In their original length both songs run too long for standard radio playlist formats but you can cut the Quincy Jones track at 4:00 before the reprise. I give the points to KanYe for the music but Quincy wins in making a joint easily adaptable for smooth jazz radio stations.

Razzamatazz vs. Monster



‘Monster’ isn’t the best track on MBDTF because Jay-Z and Rick Ross hold it back from total greatness, but ‘Monster’ is the track that opened my ears to Nicki Minaj.

Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me vs. Lost In The World

‘Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me’

‘Lost In The World’

‘Betcha’ is another track off The Dude featuring Patti Austin at her soulful best. I can remember hearing this song at an after hours disco in midtown Manhattan called LoveLite. The Lost In The World song will be played at some rave in Dubai.

In 2010, Bon Iver is Patti Austin and Nicki Minaj channels Michael Jackson. All this to say that in 2040 when some dude creates the next MBDTF/The Dude I just hope that KanYe West has the class and prescience to give them their props.

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  1. sYk says:

    Hip Hop head>>>>>>>>>>>>mainstream rap fan

    * cues up ‘That;s What You Get (For Being Polite)’*

    * waits for the fans to catch up *



    The Brothers Johnson>


    ‘Strawberry Letter 23’>>>

  2. Omar says:

    There is no competition for Q. Really.

  3. dOLo says:

    “All this to say that in 2040 when some dude creates the next MBDTF/The Dude I just hope that KanYe West has the class and prescience to give them their props.”

    he never showed either of these things while stage invading the vma’s and making an ass out of himself and beyonce. or while calling the president a racist live on television(and inadvertently making himself a scapegoat for gdubs fuckries years later). Quincy Jones, to my knowledge, has never played himself publicly (and in such grandiose ways). And as far as music is concerned, fuggedahbout it! Comparing a hip hop beatmaker to a musician of his calibre, i think, is insulting.

  4. VEe! says:

    Quincy Jones to American recorded music is so much more than his contributions to Jazz and R&B.

    Dallas, do you not remember what Quincy Jones did when he got Big Daddy Kane and Kool Moe Dee back and forth on the same track with Miles Davis and some other musician who was killing it. Peep the track “Jazz Corner of the World (Introduction to “Birdland”)”

    What KanYe is doing with hip hop, Quincy Jones did it a LONG while back and not for the nothing . . . the Good Doctor already did it with his magnus opus The Chronic.

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