gordon voidwell

Okay, so I made the post title to be provocative, but seriously, Gordon Voidwell is nice with his and you should get up on his sound.

Go download the Ivy League Circus EP and dig this young man’s grooves.

‘Ivy League Circus’


‘Disco Afternoon’

‘Late Sleep’

gordon voidwell

6 Responses to “GORDON VOIDWELL >>> KANYe WEST…”

  1. sean p 4real says:

    not bad reminds me of thursdays on video music boc

  2. sean p 4real says:

    i mean box

  3. AreaFY says:

    I can dig it. Thx DP

  4. nerditry says:

    Got the I.L. Circus on vinyl from Voidwell’s show here in Orlando.

    GV is a real dude. Took time to chop it up with me after his set. Shhh, don’t sleep on the lady in his crew. She’s hype-woman and keyboardist all at once.

  5. fredMS says:

    yo this is really dope

    think u could hook me up with a dl link thats not itunes?

  6. paze infinite says:

    Gordon Voidwell = Future of the funk

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