The ‘LO-End Theory On The Internets…


I have a few quotes here in this piece at featuring some of the lifestyles greatest and well known connoisseurs.

Polo and Hip-Hop, an Oral History [Pt. 1]

8 Responses to “The ‘LO-End Theory On The Internets…”

  1. 40 says:

    Nice work Dallas… I’m waiting on confirmation to speak on that Snow Beach jacket of Rae’s. Not the piece in general but they exact one in the video…

  2. sYk says:

    Dallas Penn – Hip-hop journalist, ‘Lo Head since 1985,

    ^ guess it hurt a lot to type in “former XXL blogger”…

  3. KRASHONE says:

    good read my con!! why do they keep saying the snow joint cost 300+? i remember passing on that jacket(hate it) in the spot on 72nd & mad,an for mens it was $190 an kids was $89/$98(at the time i could rock kids i.t.’s) i didint fuck that line sept for the gloves an buckit/ranger hat.glad they talk to real dudes that was really there from jump street …well most of them an not the duck tales crew!!!

  4. Don mcCaine says:

    * comes back to stare @ the ‘Lo gear in pic *

    * sparks a blunt *

    * forgets brushetta bread in oven *

  5. sYk says:

    ^ * realizes the comment with the 2nd moniker *

    * puts down blunt *

    dP that ‘Lo lane is opening up homie…XXL could use a party to get behind (nh)…you could snatch up your round table participants fam…I see visions yo…

  6. Grand Master says:

    Co-sign $yk, maybe next time around XXL could co-sponsor the Lo event? You are building and connecting real proper around these parts these days, i love seeing it happen for you fam!

    Peace from the East

  7. 40 says:

    Aight… At the behest of the owner of the garment he didn’t want me to get into huge detail, but I can say that THEE Snow Beach that Rae wore in that video was last seen in a friend of mines closet in Santa Monica, California.

  8. SIC says:

    I dig all the tags but i dont dig the color combo…

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