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Shouts go out today to Zwarte Piet as the Dutch would call him. Zwarte Piet a/k/a Black Pete is the Black dude that used to roll thick with this old cat named Sinter Klaas and during Festivus would be kidnapping all the bad boys and bad girls(no Diddy and Cassie) and selling them off as chattel.

For Christmas Zwarte Piet would give presents to the good kids, but the naughty ones would get spirited away and presumably raped by Sinter Klaas, who we all know was a pedophile, and a peep freak for watching little girls when they went potty.

This fairytale is partly how the Dutch maintained their hegemony on supremacy by packaging racism and terrorism to little children. Imagine how some of these same Dutch kids feel the first time they see a real live Black person?

Can you blame these Dutch niggas for trying to kill Blacks when they get older? Who the hell wants to be stuffed in a duffle bag on some Brothers Grimm shit and cooked and eaten?

The Black boogeyman is supremacy’s perpetual form of terrorism and when you burn this image into a child’s brain it will remain with them forever.

zwarte piet Zwarte Piet says…

Merry Christmas bitches!?!


  1. Fosterakahunter says:

    Fuxin’ ofays.

  2. Nick B. says:

    Rape? Worse. Zwarte Pete would take your kid ass to Moorish Spain and turn you to soap. This is the shit I was threatened with when I was a child. A lump of coal is some pussy shit.

  3. Mark Dub says:

    I love buggin folx out w/this story every year. Thanks for reposting, big bro.

  4. I know a Black nigga named Pete who’ll take the booty no matter the holy day. Pause to me spending quality time w/ butt muskateers.

  5. pmac says:

    i dont get what the fuck this storys about?

  6. the_dallas says:

    This drop explains to you the origins of how the myth of Fear of a Black Planet is perpetuated. Without this folklore supremacy wouldn’t be able to keep people in constant fear of Black males. You don’t understand how that propaganda works?

  7. gstatty says:

    I went off on this fool on Reddit trynna say I don’t get it because I’m applying my American morals onto another culture: Just because its something a culture has done for hundreds of years doesn’t make it right. As a person of color, making a mockery or jest of the color of one’s skin is not okay. Its strange in a sense because being a person of color, I am always aware of my status as a minority. I always know and am reminded that I am brown-skinned everyday of my life. I don’t think it works exactly the same for caucasian people because caucasian is considered normal, not strange, not the ‘other’ and certainly not something to be made mockery of. The times I’ve seen a person of color do this is Eddie Murphy on SNL or Dave Chappelle on his show. The former because he was making a social and hilarious comment on being a caucasian person in society in the modern age and the benefits of it, and the latter pretending to be a caucasian newscaster. However, on the other hand, there are plenty of times caucasians have made fun of being a person of color in black or brownface. If its for some cultural reasons or just for the hell of it, I don’t think its right either way. Everyone has their own ethics and morals, I’m not going to cram mine down your throat, feel free to think the way you want. I won’t pretend that my American thinking is the only way to think. However, I also won’t just go along to get along and stfu for the sake of validating an aspect of another persons culture that I deem ignorant and perpetuates dressing up as another race for fun. I read up on this Zwarte Piet fellow (translation: Black Pete) and it turns out he’s Sinterklaas’ (Santa Claus) servant or helper, kinda sorta sounds like a slave to me. So, now I guess if there are any Dutch redditors out there that wanna have a go and explain to me why its okay to celebrate Santa’s slave in blackface and red lips, be my guest. Oh and to further perpetuate this and force your children to celebrate Zwarte Piet might just instill in their minds at a young age that people of color are on this Earth to serve the fairer complected.

  8. gstatty says:

    Dude kept trying to tell me that I don’t understand the concept of mutability of morals and I so wish I could bish slap that motherfucker through the internets: My point is that racism exists throughout all cultures and your emphasis on the fact that American culture doesn’t apply to Dutch tradition is a moot point because the act of painting one’s skin black and painting one’s lips red (There are many shades of black skin and lips after all) is precisely making a mockery of the features of those of African/Moorish descent. Not to mention that long ago and somewhat recently the Dutch colonized a lot of countries and subjugated and oppressed people with Black skin and systematically took away their rights and forced them into the lower classes typically serving the interest of the colonizer. Zwarte Piet was also used by the Dutch to portray those who were colonized as ‘mischevious and tricky,’ during their formative years of colonization.

  9. T-Bag says:

    Just copped Reloaded on iTunes. Had to support. Might have to put this project in the top ten of all time, it’s that official.

    As the dove flew out the glove of the magician
    It was just how I predicted
    Reality is prescripted
    Trees twisted
    Gorgeous hit men
    Escort the vixen- Flash Gordon

  10. BIGNAT says:

    thanks for bringing back this post dp. i asked about this a couple weeks ago. i got some stuff i wanna send you inbox me your address again. i been sitting on this stuff for awhile

  11. dubz says:

    good drop

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