You know I’d be remiss if I didn’t use the opportunity to take my action figures out of the house during a blizzard?

Peace to Roc Marciano, Sean Price and DJ PF Cuttin’.

4 Responses to “EVEN MORE SNOW…”

  1. Combat Jack says:

    We need dancing action figures.

  2. Ernie P. says:

    I still got love for ya (II) even if you don’t answer my e-mails and ignore my request to get your funky ass on my radio show, so go out in the (unshoveled Bloomberg) snow, play with your action figures (I’ll lend you some asskicking ALIEN figures which can drip acid on yours and melt them) and continue to miss an opportunity to appear on my POSITIVE WORLD RADIO NETWORK RADIO.com show, but know, this my guests will all be powerful figures in Hip Hop (no sagging pants, gold fronts or pink shirts), Activism, Black History, Real Hip Hop -X Clan and American Political ground breakers. Hope you have on warm socks skippy.

  3. P for President!

    Major props to PF Cuttin’ too: always great to hear his beats.

  4. Master CHeef says:

    You are living, walking proof that the Illuminati uses hip hop to program adult black males into a perpetual state of childhood.

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