The Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…

tim 56150

Cablevision has finally dug themselves out from under the storm of 2010 and restored my internets service. I was dying on the inside like you couldn’t believe. At least my feet have been plenty warm in all of this mess. Did you peep the video on the 40 Belows? You can best believe I cracked those new joints the minute the blizzard started. I could have gone outside wearing shorts as long as I had on the 40s.

Now that the snow is melting NYC is becoming a slushy, muddy, flooded mess. The Tims you have to wear in these conditions have to be light and agile, yet still ridiculously waterproof and insulated. This is when I pull out my urban aggressive boots. They are lightweight and usually cut right at the ankle. The boots pictured above are some futuristic ‘Beef and Broccoli’ type hikers. Fantastic nubuck uppers and Gore-Tex lining.

I got these boots from Timberland as a replacement for some defective hi-top field boots. The replacements came in a size 11 but this style is cut true to size and I need an 11.5 or even a 12. I’m reaching out to you internets to keep an eye out for these boots in a size 12. Let me know what outlet you spot these in so I can pounce on them ASAP. Here go the details…

Timberland Ledge ‘Mid’
style #56150
sz 12

6 Responses to “The Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…”

  1. ADB says:

    Just copped a pair of the classic wheat Woolrich collabo. dope.

  2. Ivan says:

    Damn, you too? I’ve had no internet since December 22nd, just got it back yesterday. Major withdrawal! Just stopping by to say hi. I’m from L.A., the land of Chuck Taylors. Motherfuck a Timberland boot. 🙂

  3. the_dallas says:

    L.A.? A little bit ofrain falls and y’all lose your minds. You need to keep a pair of Tims on stash for the zombie apocalypse. Your Chuck T’s won’t save you.

  4. sean p 4real says:

    but what about clae kicks?

  5. the_dallas says:

    Them clae kicks are atrocious. I hope Dru Ha gets them shits for free

  6. ambush says:

    Just left Potomac Mills, Northern VA looking for your size 12. Negative! The search continues…Williamsburg’s next.

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