Saigon Caught A Body…


Saigon’s ‘Grestest Story Never Told’ is better than I thought it would be. Just Blaze did a masterful job of orchestrating a motion picture soundtrack for the album. Saigon uses the soundbed to explore every emotion that comes thru the mind of an emcee.

This album deserves to be this good tho’. I mean, it did take like forever to get released. I’m glad that both the artists kept their focus and their faith. You can imagine how easy it might have been to scuttle the idea of this album being released and then moving in a different direction.

Navigating the music industry is like running a marathon and not a sprint. Finishing quickly usually means your career does the same. Saigon must have learned the patience for the profession during his stint in prison. Now you see rappers like T.I. and Ja Rule trying to catch up to where Saigon has already left.

The first will be last and the last will be first.

Here’s one for the fellas…

Saigon featuring Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz – Come On Baby (Remix)’

And one for the ladies…

Saigon featuring Raheem DeVaughn – ‘Give It To Me’

A banger for the jeeps…

Saigon featuring Q-Tip and Fatman Scoop – ‘The Invitation’

And an anthem for the streets.

Saigon – ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’

7 Responses to “Saigon Caught A Body…”

  1. BEST ALBUM OF 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!

    finally dp posted something decent in here….fuckin proud of you fatboy!

  2. Grand Master says:

    it’s true. this joint goes hard. real glad the homeboy finally made it

    i said

    “wishin papoose might explode, saigon might get bigger / didn’t happen, wish that I could get Chi Ali outta prison”

    might have to rewrite that bar now… but it’s true, still hope the homey can grow + progress.!

  3. rolf haggis says:

    really? people liked this album?

    i had it on once and switched it off half way though…

    i thought it was as soft as a homo’s wet fart…

    perhaps i should give it another lesson…

  4. I haven’t got this album yet and will probably do so today…

    Is that a legit wanted poster? If so that’s just bananas…

  5. Smear says:

    Glad you gave Sai some shine….Atlantic droped the ball on this one…shoulda come out 5 years ago.
    Come on baby shoulda been a Hit.. FUCK RADIO

  6. countee cullen jr says:

    rolf haggis speaks the truth.

    so Saigon’s “long-awaited” (cough) best is… like the second best Beanie Siegel never made? dogshit Jay-Z verse included?

    Blaze is fine, no better, but so what?

    as for Saigon’s glimpses of ‘conscience’ big fucking shit–

    ya’ll have ignored how many recent– and superior (if not revelatory) KRS-One, AZ, Cormega albums?

    not that Lloyd Banks needs the $$$ but his last album DESTROYS Saigon in every way possible, even accounting for the unnecessary chick tracks.

    I was in a used bookstore today that had a copy of Gil-Scott Heron poems and I’m supposed to take motherfucking Saigon seriously about ** anything **?

    As for Saigon’s “patience”– what the fuck else is going to do besides wait?

    Go to school? Get a job?

    Saigon is garbage, just because we ** wish ** otherwise doesn’t make it TRUE.

  7. countee cullen jr says:

    p/s– what the fuck has Saigon done in the x years ya’ll were ‘waiting’? Right, two or three garbage albums, a few lame features etc.

    TRUTH: dude ** never was **, never will be.

    And no, it’s nobody’s bright idea to jack these beats for another lame mixtape (that means Joell Ortiz and everyone else too).

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