Redbone In Blackface…


Poor little rich girl BeYonce can’t seem to get any good press lately. Her latest media kerfluffle is about the chic artsy photos she took for some French fashion mag. In the photos she has makeup applied to darken her face.

About gotdamn time!

BeYonce’s ENTIRE media history presentation has been about highlighting all of her features which are Eurocentric. Her fake blonde hair. Her airbrushed lightened complexion. Her blue eyes?!?!? The only way BeYonce has identified with the Black experience in America is her silly name. Okay, my bad, also her Venus of Hottentot backside. My bad for omitting that.

Black girls have the hardest way to go when they choose to be fashion models. The industry that fetishizes Black girls does not fux with them fashionistically. This is why folks are consuming hair straightening and skin bleaching cremes like its nobody’s business. Still and all, Beyonce’s team wouldn’t know how to spin this story if I wrote it for them.

It’s Black History Month (ugghh, yeah I know) followed by Women’s History Month. Maybe someone could knock on Tina Knowles cement wig and tell her that her daughter is an icon for BLACK WOMEN. She should be pwning February and March as iconic as she is right now instead of backpedaling away from this story. Black women come in a myriad of complexions and BeYonce should act like she is celebrating that diversity.

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  1. Fosterakahuntern says:

    I just watched Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”, last week. Black women are fuxed the fux up in the head by Western socieappearance, as it applies to their appearance.

  2. $yk says:

    A Black chick in blackface…smDh

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