RAEKWON: Road 2 Release Ep.1…

shaolin vs wutang

I like what Raekwon is doing here to promote his latest album ‘Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang’ by reaching out to his fanbase and really connecting to them about what his goal for this album was. I remember when Rae and Ghost were shitting on the ‘8 Diagrams’ album (which I liked overall) by saying that the Wu-Tang spirit was missing.

I think Raekwon respects the legacy of the Wu and he wants to protect the heritage of their music and creative dynamism. I fux with Raekwon hardbody [ll]. Wu-Tang 4 ever.

Raekwon: The Road 2 Release Ep.1 from dallas penn on Vimeo.

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  1. countee cullen jr says:

    Nice shit… Rae’s a funny guy too. I don’t what the hell he was thinking when the utterly forgettable Wu Massacre came out (least interesting Ghost record ever too) but he’s mostly been real ON lately and it’s great to hear.

    I still fux with “8 Diagrams” too, save that the needless “Starter” track, which just doesn’t fit.

    I’m on record as not liking the last Kanye or Slaughterhouse but I’ll tell ya’ll… get Rae on a Havoc track with free again Prodigy and I’m 99% certain it’ll be great.

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