Pitchers + Catchers = Brand New Wood

chitown's finest

NO BROKEBACK to the above title, but its actually baseball season again, well, almost…

My Knicks suck so bad that I can’t wait to see what kind of work the Mets are going to put in this summer. Anybody that feels like going out the swamp in Queens should holler at the kid.

I like BARRY BONDS, but I hope that he has enough Negro sensibility left in his head for him to retire from the game before surpassing HENRY AARON’s all time home run mark. It seems a bit crazy to me that he should be bent out of shape for that record when a) he used ‘roids, and more importantly b) he didn’t have anyone sending death threats to him or his family like the HAMMER did.

I remember reading a book by GEORGE PLIMPTON titled ‘One for the Record‘ which described the summer leading up to HENRY AARON’s historic home run that eclipsed BABE RUTH. You wouldn’t believe how many people HANK AARON had to battle for that record. The news media was even more biased and contentious then they are now. The commissioner of baseball forced AARON to play in ballgames away from his home stadium. It was a whole thing not to mention the mountain of hate mail and harassing phone calls that he received.

Folks like BONDS stand tall in the game today without the recognition that he is able to see over the rest of the league because he is standing on the shoulders of the great players that came before him.

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