dusty boys

Editor’s note: If you have a hard time reading the embedded text the above picture was poached from CRUNK and Disorderly. You should go there today and view more of the celebrity Negro madness that they have on display.

BRYAN ‘BIRDMAN’ WILLIAMS celebrated his birthday this week with his brother ‘SLIM’ and a couple of weed carriers.

This photograph is interesting on several different levels and I will try to explain why I had to post it on my page.

1) At what point are you old enough to not have to make hand signs. Let’s assume that as an established O.G. you have been ‘throwing up’ your set for 10-20 years. Shouldn’t everybody know you by now?

2) When you are showing said signs of ‘professional affiliation’ shouldn’t there be some uniformity? I count four(4) different hand signs being displayed assuming that the indifference shown by SLIM is another set within the same overall ‘professional affiliation’.

3) Now that 40 is the new fourteen does this excuse teenagers if they aren’t potty trained?

Take a good look at this picture. This is what a wealthy Black man aspires to look like on the anniversary of his release from his mother’s womb. Even though you can’t see it in this photo trust me that there is a Louis Vuitton print handbasket somewhere near them and inside of it is a whole gang of hell.

Happy Black History Month.


  1. Nigeria says:

    ‘ Happy Black History Month ‘

    Good Post

  2. doc holiday says:

    if thats what been 35+ and black looks like now…imagine 13 yrs. from now.

    the gangsigns are a no go.

    people are talking about their clothes, aint nothing wrong with it…at least their pants arent hanging off their ass…with superoversized b-ball caps and shit.

    other than that…

  3. Miss Ahmad says:

    they all actually look like they are about one deep breath from death!

    that’s not preserving your sexy gentlemen!

  4. Supa says:

    ditto @ Ms. Ahmad.

    Maybe those are handsigns for “I’m comatose, n!gga”

    Hilarious! Sad!

    great post.

  5. Steve Matthew says:

    I think you honkys are just hating on them cuz they have more money than you.

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