Can’t Buy Me Love…

My ongoing struggles with the 7-11 corporation continued this week.

There was correspondence from the internets bureau of the conglomerate.

The damage control type and hardly sincere.

I’m in the position of trying to effect a change without calling myself to boycott them altogether.

There isn’t another game in town at 2am. So maybe I need to revise my lifestyle?

Uh, yeah that too.

Back to the future…

The 7-11 will always be on some chicanery. As long as poor people shop there.

Peep the convo after the first video…

Hello – Your email came to 7-Eleven’s communications department, but I would like to get it to the correct people who can investigate what was captured on video. Please let me know the location of the store you visited.- the street address and city. Thanks so much for alerting us to this, and someone will get back to you. — Margaret

Hi Margaret,
Right now I don’t have any faith that 7-11 really cares what these locations do to their customers

Hi – We do care. That’s why we would like to know so we can take action. I don’t know to whom at 7-Eleven you reported this, but I already sent information to customer relations and the Slurpee category manager. If you can give me the location, maybe we can change this situation. Thanks, again, for taking time to get in touch with us. – Margaret

I would rather use my weblog network to spread this information out to people who might also be encountering the same practices in order to affect proper change. As you said previously in your reply if I give you the location then maybe you can change the situation.
This ‘maybe’ means that even the corporate arm has little control against a dishonest shopkeeper. Thank you for your time and I’ll certainly keep you posted with any subsequent videos I produce

You got to try and keep it icy with 7-11. They have peoples that shoot missiles into your window. I’m on the radar now tho’.

E-mails come from another corporate lackey…

Dear Mr. Penn:
Your emails to the 7-Eleven Marketing and News Media departments were forwarded to my attention. I have viewed the video and appreciate you providing us with this information. Please understand that this is not how we treat our customers. I would like to be able to share this information with management, but I will need the store address where this incident occurred. Can you please provide the store address?
Janey Appia
Manager, Consumer Affairs

I truly appreciate your reply. This behaviour has occurred repeatedly at this store and I don’t want to think that this store manager’s behaviour comes from the corporation, but instead some arrangement that the franchisee has taught the manager’s and shopkeepers.
My feeling at this point is that I have to continue to document this abuse in order for it to end.

Mr. Penn:
I believe I have located where the store is. Can you confirm that the store is in Freeport, Long Island?
Janey Appia

Oh shit! They prA’li ran my name thru their #Newmanati database and got my debit card info. They have access to that info you know.

Don’t sleep on #Newmanati

Dear Mr. Penn:
We were able to identify the store that you visited. We contacted the market manager that oversees the operation of the store and she contacted the franchisee. The price of Slurpee® was increased last week and the store received the pricing information, but the signs were not updated. In addition, the franchisee will speak to the employee who waited on you regarding the lack of customer service he provided. We do apologize for any inconvenience regarding this matter. As a goodwill customer service gesture, we would like to offer to send you some Slurpee coupons if you accept. If so, can you provide your address?
(previous e-mail address but no signoff name)

Mrs. Appia,
I shop at 7-11 just like the other members of my community because we don’t have any other options for convenience. I’m sure if you checked my bank card for purchases at your stores you would see my overwhelming affection for Slurpee brand products. Your corporation’s message was delivered to the local store in my neighborhood and they still can’t get it right. I won’t let you buy my silence with free Slurpee products. At least not without some Big Gulp coupons included.

13 Responses to “Can’t Buy Me Love…”

  1. khal says:

    they got you on the slurpee radar. that’s insanity.

  2. ovidio bowsprit says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Dallas. This is why we love you. You won’t be bought for the price of a few Slurpees. I would hold out for those burritos too.

  3. Coke Slurpees mixed with “The Sponsor”.

    Keep on keepin’ on!!!!

  4. $yk says:

    dP put them under pressure!

    fux yo coopons bishes!

  5. puerto-black says:

    Fight The POWER!!

  6. SIC says:

    You got them a little nervous..

  7. BIGNAT says:

    they raised the price of nachos to those bastards

  8. ambassador says:

    I’d be like yeah…a few slurpee coupons and one free big bite per month for a year. for those drunken nights when you have no other options, ya dig?

    yo matter fact DP fuck that 7-11 we should rally up and get you your own. you might be the best 7-11 manager ever. imagine the fusion food you could create with their offerings!

  9. Elshabazz says:

    Ayo my dude cmon u over here complainin bout the slurpee price? It aint that serious, prices rise. This some coon shit to be doing

  10. the_dallas says:

    LashabZz, you missing the point. I don’t care what the price is as long as the shopkeeper doesn’t try to add any extra when I step to the register.

    He can get over on meek niggas like yourself who might prA’li be too cowardly to stand up for your rights. I make these videos for dudes like you too scared to be men.

  11. Elshabazz says:

    Nah b I tell Apu at the counter to swipe the card, I aint tryna dig in my pockets for exact change.
    I dont be dry snitching and writing essays to the heads in charge complaining over the few cents price raise. But shit atleast this keeping you busy, hopefully you get those lifetime slurpee coupons to aiming for….

  12. the_dallas says:

    Maybe that is how your dad taught you to watch your money. I swipe too but I check the amount first. Apu gonna get rich off the slackidaisical and the cowardly and use that guap to fund terrorism.

    I’m not just doing this for my paper but for the people like you without the sense or the courage to respect their own money

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