MICHAEL JACKSON’s trial is entering it’s seventh year and it is becoming more obvious to me this dude has issues worse than his love for sniffing little boys’ pissy underoos. I was watching VH-1 with my ladyfriend and we saw his video for that crappy song ‘You Are Not Alone’. His pasty completion and his bony frame reminded me of when E.T. was sick and almost died but then the little boy that he slept with rescued him and his coloration came back and his index finger lit up. If MICHEAL JACKSON’s index finger could just get some little boy poop on it I bet M.J.’s color would come back too.

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  1. dainty39gm says:

    He made that video with his then-wife, Lisa Marie. It was difficult to tell which one was the woman. Michael wanted to transform himself into the “perfect” white woman. From the time he went solo up until he died, Michael paid mega bucks to alter his appearance. Everybody in the world knew it. Its the main reason why white people all over the world worshipped him: Michael not only desired to look like them, he looked exactly like them. It really is sad.

    Sad that him and other black people hate the color of their skin so much that when/if they get enough money, they’ll run straight to a cosmetic surgeon. Pay loads of money to scrape off the skin they are in. Yeah, sad.

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