Smif N Wessun: Still Hard [ll]


So much of music today is seen the same minute its heard. So with that in mind DuckDown gives you the visual treatment for Smif N Wessun featuring Styles P and Sean Price titled ‘That’s Hard’.

I mean, with these four(4) individuals on a track could it be anything but hardbody?

Copp this for your earholes: Smif N Wessun x Pete Rock = Monumetal


The police brought mase to the Monumental release party.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the rapper.

2 Responses to “Smif N Wessun: Still Hard [ll]”

  1. Lamar Debussy says:

    Look at that white piece of shit striking out with the club– I feel like I gotta grow my hair to at least Einstein length to disassociate with his likes. Not to say things would surely be better elsewhere but lower Manhattan cops have aren’t exactly the most subtle fucks on the force, since they rarely have to deal with tense situations that could be handled different. (Remember Tompkins Square?)

    The “Monumental” album is nice though it might sound more like a Pete Rock with Smif N Wessun project than vice-versa. Memphis Bleek doesn’t embarrass himself either, crazy.

    Also, in an alternate world– or at least Brooklyn– I’d hear “Do It Hurricane” blasting out of car speakers in ENY/New Lots while dudes in bright shirts play cricket Saturday morning.

  2. bkchubz says:

    Those cops messed up a great release party for a ill hiphop group.

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