On my visit to see momdukes in the ATL I copped the Air Trainer 1.2 in what I’m calling the Dallas Cowboys colorway.


7 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. BIGNAT says:

    why the hell does rawse have presidents tatted on him? i want someone to ask him that in a interview. dp/rawse bringing tittymeats back mwhahahhahahaha
    you can wear those when you play handball dp

  2. bloodbath33 says:

    with the top down. damn
    I had to stop the vid at 6 sec . topless?


  3. Blackwater says:

    tittymeats lol.

  4. cocotaso says:

    looks more like a Jankees make up

  5. Lamar Debussy says:

    The black Action Bronson! Which doesn’t mean I endorse either of those rapping fools but it looks like they both enjoy food, which is something.

    Bignat: Abraham Lincoln, while still rather prejudiced according to most folks of his age, was a great man and actively respected black folks (because he had power to do so) far more than most so that actually makes sense. George Washington wasn’t quite as advanced but he did role model for others to build on in good sense; that fucking Obama, Bush and onward backwards refute that by their actions is all of our misfortune.

  6. Lamar Debussy says:

    p/s: Lincoln didn’t exactly ‘free the slaves’ but he didn’t exactly not do so either; Emancipation Proclamation was very important regardless of its cold and limited legal language.

    He ** did ** meet with Frederick Douglass privately and request his assistance in a plan to emancipate slaves by rescue; it didn’t happen because Lincoln ended up being re-elected in 1864 but if he hadn’t.

    (I think I’m remembering that correctly.)

  7. Smear says:

    I need to reclam my SF status…. been a while since i copped… too much on the alcohol and cancer sticks smfh leaving me dry. Shit, even forgot to chase down those AM90’s from you chief.
    And I gots no tittymeats…… although the missus more than makes up for my lacking in that dept.
    still shamed right about now

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