Polo x New Balance Got Me Open…

us open

I wasn’t gonna fux with this year’s U.S. Open lifestyle offering. I loved the colorblocking from last year’s knits so much I didn’t feel like dropping a buck on another shirt that I couldn’t respectably rock this season.

That all changed after Rock The Dub sent me a link to the Polo ralph Lauren x New Balance tennis shoe. This is a REAL tennis shoe internets. The instep features a composite material which protects your foot from the abrasion of stopping and starting as you chase volleys on a tennis hardcourt. I’m sure that the New Balance leather is premium also.

us open
us open

My secret plan is to take Chocolate Snowflake on a dinner date to the Open. You don’t need tickets to enter the pavilion to grab a bite. We will stroll around the shoppes and then BAM! I will slip into the Polo Ralph Lauren store with her and show her how the shoes match the shirt and the hat.

She can’t say no to that can she?

9 Responses to “Polo x New Balance Got Me Open…”

  1. cocotaso says:

    the hat/shirt/sneaker combo would be nice to have if you head down there, just for completist(sp?) sake. but im not feeling these like im not feeling them year 4000 oakleys. im sure the kix are quality, but they seem more polo than new balance for it to be a collab & i don’t want to see nobody with them insoles in other new balance models. im also pretty sure they did this last year too?

  2. illill says:

    the navy pullover is flavas

  3. bboy cult says:

    nice outfit. get 2 wears maybe 3 in a season. more if u travel.

    the kicks are almost doable, except for that green. if it tended toward lime, we might have somethin. i can’t do railroad/highway safety colors. sorry Ralph.

  4. the_dallas says:

    BBoy, You are right that it can’t get marathonned in the summer season. Two(2)x is the most you can rock this ‘fit.

    illill, I haven’t really been checking for this line. I saw it in Macy*s but I kept it moving since I already have last year’s custom fit knit in the archive.

    cocotaso, The only way to rock this ‘fit is for the completeness (sic).

  5. illill says:

    Dallas….indeed the rest of the line is caca. Last years was better. The neon is ehhh which is why I dig the basic navy pullover with a little red/white on it

  6. Martin says:

    Not feeling it at all. The sneakers don’t have that real Polo flavor- there is nothing unique about them. It’s more like a mash up. Maybe its’ just me.

  7. BIGNAT says:

    those sneakers are to busy for me

  8. $yk says:

    I dunno ’bout them kicks…maybe if I try them on or something like that…still…


  9. illill says:

    the arthur ashe lifestyle looks lovely today

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