Shaz IllYork feat. Meyhem Lauren – ‘Low Down’

shaz illyour A.U.

On my way home from Atlanta I found myself outside the Long Island Rail Road station at 2am and someone yelled out “DP what up!?” I looked around and bam it was my dude Shaz IllYork. Dude comes from those parts of south Jamaica Queens like the rest of the Outdoorsmen clan. We politicked for a minute since we were both trekking home like occidental travelers. Shaz even dapped me off with his stellar street album ‘Air Unlimited’.

I haven’t posted enough work from the young stunner Shaz IllYork, but this heatrock also comes with a video so hold this track internets.

Shaz IllYork feat. Meyhem Lauren – ‘Low Down’

The whole street album ‘Air Unlimited‘ can be DL’d (no Bruno) at the link.

2 Responses to “Shaz IllYork feat. Meyhem Lauren – ‘Low Down’”

  1. Crooks says:

    The hole album was incrediable

  2. BIGNAT says:

    tuff stuff

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